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 Finally, we have some fans and fellow comic book readers give their own opinions of the good and bad of this past year. Here is the first in a series of reflections:

From Caleb the TimeTraveler:

What were the worst comics and/or storylines of 2011? (feel free to put as many as you like; you got time to say why, go ahead)

Honestly, I wouldn't say there were too many bad ones, just a lot of really bland, or average ones. For all that was said of The Outlaws, and of Hawk And Dove and Savage Hawkman, they really were just run-of-the-mil books compared to what I've seen in the past. Nothing really stood out as atrocious. 

-What were the best comics and/or storylines of 2011? 

Joe the Barbarian had most of it's run in 2010, but since it had a few in 2011, I'd say it stood out as one of the top books this year.
Animal Man and Swamp Thing were the unexpected hits of the New 52, being some of the best comics I've ever seen. 
Batman Inc and Detective Comics by Snyder were the pinnacle of Batman comics this year.
Reed Gunther is a hell of a lot of fun.
Comic Book Comics was also a great ride, and the sort of comic I'd give to someone just to know the history of one of my favourite mediums. 
But I think what was my favourite book this year was Cobra, and the whole Cobra Civil War storyline by IDW. Best GI Joe series to date. 
(If Parker the Outfit was in 2011 though, it'd be a whole 'nother tale, and though it came out, I still haven't read the Martini Edition yet, so I can't count that...)

-What were the top 3 best #1s of 2011 (since there were sooooo many)?

Animal Man, Swamp Thing, and Cobra. 

-and Finally, What was the unexpected surprise (good or bad) in comics during 2011? 

Cobra Civil War. I only found out about it just a few weeks ago. Someone dropped it on my lap, and I was expecting the typical 'Yo Joe' treatment. Instead, I got spy fiction and realistic secret military drama, and I'm so happy. Larry Hamma'd be proud.
Also, as a DC Native, the new Joe books are the only books that I've ever read that got DC right. No Sky Scrappers, the National Mall doesn't have the White House in it, and the Capital Building and the Washington Monument are appropriately apart from each other. Not to mention they call it the Metro, and the Metro looks like the Metro, not some city subway, and best of all, they knew that DC loves the Nationals, and it's not often you see Wizards and Redskins logos everywhere. 
And they actually knew of the Nationals!

From Dante Franklin:

What were the worst comics and/or storylines of 2011? 

- Red Hood and the Outlaws #1- First time I ever actually threw a comic away after reading it lol As a big Starfire fan, I was totally turned off by the sex toy with a pulse portrayal. Sorry to not follow the series as I love Kori and enjoyed Lobdell's work on the Marvel X-books. But this was a huge dud for me. 

- Wonder Woman "The Odyssey" - Phil Hester tried to save it but I just never warmed to the storyline. Things started with an unnecessary costume change and a storyline that could have easily been short an issue or two. Perhaps, it was sidelined by the changes of DC's new 52 or not but it left many wondering "what was the point"?

What were the best comics and/or storylines of 2011? 

Witchblade- Ron Marz continued the end of his run with solid supernatural, cop stories. 

X-Factor- Peter David continues to put out the most consistently entertaining of the X-books. This year saw some interesting storylines involving Rahne Sinclair's baby and the death and resurrection of Strong Guy. Things look to be even more interesting as Havok and Polaris join the team in 2012.

Batwoman- I'd been eagerly anticipating this series since her run in Detective and it hasn't disappointed. Kate Kane is proving herself a capable and interesting protagonist and the art is absolutely gorgeous. The addition of Chase has also been very welcome.

What were the top 3 best #1s of 2011 (since there were sooooo many)?

Batwoman #1- Just stellar work from J.H. Williams and J. Michael Straczynski.

Birds of Prey #1- I was a fan of the original Birds of Prey series and was skeptical about the re-start. But Duane Swierczynski and Jesus Saiz hit the ground running with an intriguing storyline and the year's best new character (Starling). As much as I loved Gail Simone's work, they have proven worthy successors.

Batgirl #1- Speaking of Gail, I was a huge fan of Batgirl #1. I loved all of the various characters who have been Batgirl but none more than Barbara Gordon. Gail had a tough job though as bringing Barbara back as Batgirl was a controversial move. But I think she handled it well, giving us a character who is struggling to adjust to her changes and find herself again. Plus, I really enjoyed her first villain, The Mirror, who is the perfect foil for Batgirl in more ways than one.

and Finally, What was the unexpected surprise (good or bad) in comics during 2011? 

- Have been loving the work of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning on New Mutants. Very cool follow-up to Zeb Wells.

- Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang have been doing wonders (no pun intended) on Wonder Woman. I've had some mixed feelings on the change in origin but can't deny that the book is well written and intriguing. 

- I also think Judd Winick and Guillem March have been great on Catwoman. Beautiful to look at and fun to read. Selina’s sexy without being a bimbo.

That is all for this week. Next week, we'll have some more reflections of the last year. Look forward to it. 

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