Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Ghostbusters 1-4: The Return of Gozer

IDW Publishing

Written by Erik Burham

Art by Dan Schoening

by Hector Ramirez

Red Hood (Jason Todd) - 1

Robin  (Damian Wayne)- 2
Red Robin (Tim Drake) - 3
Nightwing (Dick Grayson) -4
Batman (Bruce Wayne) - 5

      Happy New Year Clashers! Hope you had fun ringing in the New Year and good luck with your resolutions. My resolution to keep giving you my readers the lowdown on what’s going on in all comic universes.
That being said let’s take a visit to IDW’s New York where ghosts are going rampant so you have to ask yourself, “Who you gonna call?” everyone’s favorite paranormal investigators are back in their own ongoing comic series picking up where the movies left off.

      Gozer is trying to make a comeback and with the key master and the gate keeper gone Gozer’s third minion Idulnas has been sent to make sure Dr. Ray Stantz to choose a more deadly form for Gozer to return in. Meanwhile the ghosts seem a lot more threatening; even Slimer gave the guys a run for their money. To deal with the overpowered ghosts Egon developed Proton grenades and a mega trap. As the Selector, Ray has been having odd dreams about Gozer, with John Belushi in his Blues Brother character as his soul guide. In all the ruckus caused by the over powered ghosts Idulnas has kidnapped Ray and tries pumping his head full of terrifying avatars for Gozer. The rest of the Ghostbusters show up to save them just as Ray chooses the easily defeated Stay Puft Marshmallow Man as Gozer’s form and upon his defeat Idulnas also was defeated. What thanks do the saviors of New York get? A list of complaints and compliances they need to meet in order to get paid for their services delivered by Walter Peck, head of the city’s Paranormal Contracts Oversight Commission.

Well Clashers, I enjoyed this story. It could be a good premise for the upcoming Ghostbusters 3 movie. It was a nice continuation with plenty of movie references. They even played on Dan Aykroyd’s role in the Blues Brothers series, random but pretty cool. IDW has done great things with the franchise. It was better than the old Ghostbusters comic series based on the cartoon series. I only read two issues of the series but they were pretty cheesy as most cartoon based comics are. Although I did like the art of the book better because it was identical to the cartoon where this series has extremely cartoony versions of the movie cast. I rate this a Nightwing. I really enjoyed the story but not too big a fan of the art, it didn’t really fit the feel of the story. Despite that I will be following this series and hopefully write more reviews for it. We may not fight ghosts but who you gonna call for anything you need to know about comics? J1 Studios and the Comic Book Clash of course. Until next time friends keep clashing.

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