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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to the first News Edition of 2012. CBC is back, we're rest and ready to give your town a wedgie again!!

And Now, the News.


    by Frankie Rodriguez 

    We start the new year off with some interesting news. In a time where exclusive contracts for creators in comics has become commonplace, announcements of talent getting exclusive contracts is news. Yet, now we are hearing news about contracts ending making headlines: such as this and our next story.

   Jamal Igle, for the last seven years, has become synomous with DC Comics; handling many of the characters and properties over the years. Yet, it seems that his contract with DC has come to an end and, according to an announcement on his blog on Monday, he is moving on.

The following is from his personal blog (Jamal Igle):

As of last Saturday, I am no longer exclusive to DC Entertainment/ Warner Bros.

Frankly, this has been a long time coming,While I was very happy for many years to be exclusive, There comes a time when you're ready to move on. There's no animosity, in fact just the opposite. I've never been calmer or more centered than I have since I made this decision. I was forced to turn down a lot of outside opportunities while I was exclusive because I was so busy that I couldn't take them on or contractually unable to do them.

  And now, Igle is lining up new projects as well as taking commissions. What fresh, new characters will Igle play with? Only time will tell. And as he is taking private commissions, if you got the money, this is the time to catch him. Igle has made it clear that he's leaving DC on good terms but this is something that he wants to do. So, Igle has ended one chapter of his life. CBC and other Igle fans will be watching him closely to see what the artist has planned next.


by Frankie Rodriguez

   As mentioned earlier, Bryan Hitch is another artist leaving, ending his own exclusive contract. After a decade with Marvel, Hitch is moving on. Yet, confirmed by Brian Michael Bendis, Hitch is leaving the same way he came in . . . with amazing visuals. Bendis stated that Hitch is leaving with his portion of the upcoming "Ultron War" storyline completely finished. The storyline is slated to be the final storyline of Bendis's run on the Avengers books as well as Hitch's Swansong for Marvel.

Bendis commented on Hitch's departure in his (Bendis's) message boards:

   I have known about bryan’s plans for months and tom and i were prepared. bryan has done AMAZING work on ultron war and is leaving marvel on a very high note. he leaves the book with his part of the story completely complete.

  So, with the end of Hitch's incredible run on Marvel: which included doing the first 2 Ultimates series, a run on Fantastic Four and last years Avengers 12.1 issue which ties directly into the Ultron War, what is next for the artist.  

   Hitch teams with writer Jonathan Ross for a brand new series called America's Got Powers. In the series, it has heroes with super powers trying out to make it into the world's only super hero team. The main focus will be around six individuals, 3 women and 3 men while still having a plethora of other interesting characters who will audition, much like American Idol here.  The new book is slated to hit stores in April from Image Comics; as announced via Twitter. America's Got Powers #1 written by Jonathan Ross with art by Bryan Hitch from Image Comics will hit stores in April.


by Frankie Rodriguez

   Brian Buccellato and Flash partner Francis Manapul have gotten a lot of critcal acclaim for their current run on the Flash. Yet, while Flash has been a great undertaking, Buccellato is branching out even more. He and artist Noel Tuazon will be hitting comic selves with his self published book, Foster.
   Foster features the story of a tortured hero saving a child and understanding what it means to be a father while mixed horror. The premise of this story was seeded by former Flash Writer & DC CCO Geoff Johns who told the writer to "write what you know." Thus, this laid seed to the birth of Foster which takes two things the writer knows well: horror and fatherhood. And not only is Buccellato writing the book, which is starting out as a 6 issue miniseries; but he is also self publishing the book.

  Foster opens where Eddie Foster is a war veteran who just wants to forget his past; using liquor to do so. As Foster tries to move from his past, he becomes guardian to a young 6 year old named Ben. Yet, Ben is special as to the fact that he is a half super natural creature, half human being that is among one of the few left. Because of this dubious distinction, Foster must do his best to protect his new 'son.' This creates, according to Buccellato, a great story about a father and son who are dealing with demons: both within and with out.

 The creative owned book will debut it's first issue during the Amazing Arizona Comic Convention. Buccellato hopes that strong enough sales of the 6 issue miniseries will garner an ongoing. Buccellato's Foster will only have a limited 500 print run for issue #1 and then will be solicited by Diamond once issue #2 is done.



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