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Here we are again with news for the week.


by Frankie Rodriguez 

    The long awaited Justice League Doom animated movie is coming and will be seen in grand fashion. MTV Geek and Warner Home Video will be holding a grand premiere for the new animated movie on February 13th at the New York City's Paley Center for Media.

    The new animated film is an adaption of the JLA's Towel of Babel storyline that was originally written by current Daredevil scribe, Mark Waid. Rewritten for animated movie format by the late, great Dwayne McDuffie, the story revolves around the Justice League being picked off one-by-one by villains. Yet, these villains are able to take down the League because these plans were made and stolen from Batman. These plans were made by the Dark Knight himself in case any of the Justice League ever went rogue.  The cast of the League in the movie are  Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern Hal Jordon, Flash, Martian Manhunter, Cyborg (who has become a founding member of the League with the new 52 continuity) & of course, Batman.

      The voice cast is solid with Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordon, Carl Lumbly reprising his role as Martian Manhunter (from the Justice League/Unlimited cartoons), Susan Eienberg as Wonder Woman (from the JL/U cartoons), Michael Rosenbaum as The Flash (yet as Barry Allen this time), Bumper Robinson as Cyborg, Tim Daly as Superman (voice of Superman in Superman the Animated Series) and of course, Kevin Conroy as Batman. Villain voices include Phil Morris as Vandal Savage, Alexis Densiof (Wesley from Angel) as Mirror Master, Claudia Black (from Farscape/Stargate SG1 fame) as Cheetah and more.

   The production crew and members of the voice cast will also be at the red-carpet premiere in a special panel to answer questions as well as enjoy the movie on February 13th. Justice League Doom will hit stores on DVD and Blue-Ray on February 28th, 2012. And expect a special review on JL: Doom on the February 29 edition of Comic Book Clash.


by Frankie Rodriguez 

    Remember when we ended the year with news of Marvel's huge Avengers vs X-Men maxiseries event? Well, we have follow up cause Marvel seems to be going to give face a real hard look at their battles with a tie-in miniseries called AvX: Versus!

    The miniseries was announced that it will be focusing on actually one on one battles between members of the X-Men and members of the Avengers, with 2 stories each issues and a rotating creative team, much like it's daddy book Avengers Vs X-Men. Marvel Senior Vice President Tom Brevoort commented about the new miniseries:

We’re only doing tie-ins in the core Avengers and X-Men titles. Avx: Versus is the least essential lead of AvX, yet it will probably be the best-selling. It is wall to wall combat, taking moments of conflicts in the main series and giving them the room to breathe they need and require. There’s not a lot of subtext. There’s not a lot of conversation. Literally, from the first page, someone is punching someone else. This is all about those quintessential questions of who would win in a fight.

    So we got confirmation that the tie ins will be in the main Avengers and X-Men books, expect for Versus. The first issue's creative teams and battles were revealed by Senior Editor Nick Lowe to be Jason Aaron and Adam Kubert in an Iron Man versus Magneto bout followed by Kathryn and Stuart Immonen working on Namor vs The Thing, two characters that have a long history with each other.

Editor-in-Chief of Marvel, Axel Alonso added about why Versus exists:

There’s a lot of story across the twelve issues of AvX… Game changers no one will be able to anticipate. There’s a lot of fights, but you always wonder, what if there was more room for this fight, or this fight?

 And Lowe did promise that fan favorite fights were definitely not going to be ignored, such as a long demanded and awaited battle between Rogue and Ms. Marvel; as well the oddly demanded fight of Pixie vs Squirrel Girl. And most bouts will be given different locales for each battle; much like different levels to fight in a fighting game. And since the casts of book books are so massive, this is merely another great arena for battles to happen and tell the stories.

Brevoort stated:

 In the course of 'AvX' #2, there are about forty characters fighting in the very first skirmish and we aren't going to be able to spend more than a page or two on it. They're going to be pretty exciting pages, but there's a lot more you can do with any of these conflicts. All of these things will work in lockstep. You won't see bouts in 'Versus' that aren't in some way reflected in the main book, but you will see them in much greater depth.

And unlike every event since Civil War, there will NOT be a Frontline tie-in book. Brevoort explains why:

This is the uncut heroine of this event. Doing a ground level, normal people view didn't seem as appealing of our characters grinding each other into the dirt.

 AvX: Versus # 1 written by Jason Aaron & Kathryn Immonen with art by Adam Kubert and Stuart Immonen will hit selves in April.


by Frankie Rodriguez

     Image Comics has become the premiere house for independent comics, including very different looks at superheroes. And come March, what may be the final generation of heroes have come. From Eisner and Harvey Award winning writer Joe Keatinge and cult favorite Elephantmen artist Andre Szymanowicz bring able this new and final generation of heroes in time for Image's 20th Anniversary.

   20 years after the emergence of super heroes collapsed Sports and Entertainment industries and changed the world economically, a new generation has come out, trying to survive this very different landscape. This new superhero epic, according to the creators, will give you a very different look at superheroes and their effects on the world. And writer Keatinge says the creation of Hell Yeah is attributed cause of Image Comics.

Keatinge stated:

HELL YEAH exists because Image Comics exists. I read superhero comics my whole life, but when Image Comics debuted, it made me realize all the rules and restrictions I saw in other superhero comics didn't have to exist. Anything could happen. You could kill lead characters in first issues. Obliterate long-standing villains in a page turn. They could be in different tone than what's normally presented by the diversity shown in anything from YOUNGBLOOD to CASUAL HEROES. They didn't have to be noble, they didn't have to maintain the same status quo. It was turned into a genre where the term 'impossible' didn't exist. Due to all this my imagination went into over drive and after twenty years of percolating in my brain, HELL YEAH was born.

Our story starts with Ben Day, a college student who finds out that his other selves throughout the Multiverse are being murdered and why these murders are interesting to even the world's most popular and powerful super-celebrities. Szymanowicz stated how much he is enjoying drawing this new world and story:

I've been having a ball drawing HELL YEAH and watching how these characters develop, and at the same time its just a great blend of mainstream and indie comics coming together. On one hand they are just like how I was at this age: aimless, going to rock shows and trying to find someone to date. Then there's the side of it where they are in this superhero world and can sorta kick somebody's ass (or get their own handed to them) from time to time.

And Image Publisher Eric Stephenson added:

Nothing excites me more than raw, undiluted creativity, and HELL YEAH delivers that in spades. Joe and Andre are dragging superheroes kicking, screaming and spitting blood into a brave new world where the impossible is possible, nothing is sacred and no one is safe. HELL YEAH, indeed.

HELL YEAH #1 written by Joe Keatinge with art by Andre Szymanowicz will hit selves and digital on March 7th, 2012.



  Welcome Ladies and Gents, to the end of one Era and the Beginning of a new  Era. Comic Book Clash is evolving. We are going through changes. Added some new staff, Added more content. And there will be more. Comic Book Clash is making a name for itself  and we are building our own niche in comic book dom. You are gonna see more new names, such like Jake Estrada (Under the Net) and Darryll (Batwoman).
    You will be seeing those names for a while. We have a whole lot planned this year and certainly more than just news and reviews. You will be seeing all sorts of different content, such as the surveys and countdowns. We are even doing something special for Spider-man's 50th Birthday. But, we want to hear from you, our fans, our readers as to what you would like to see.
   We are gonna be hitting the independent scene hard this year alongside looking at the big 2. This is a very big year and you will see A LOT of names and faces get reviewed, interviewed and more. But we need you to spread the word. Say what you like. Say what you don't like. Comic Book Clash is always looking for more staff; send us a sample of your writing and what you would like to do to with the title CBC Staff Writing Sample. We will get back to you with an answer about a position with us within 48 hours. 

     There is a lot more that is to come, including our 1st Year Anniversary extravaganza but more on those later. Remember, support CBC. Support J1Studios. We are doing our best to give you all sorts of content in comics, music, anime, tv and more and we always love your support. Tweet it. Tell your friends. We'd love it.
  Well, till we are ready to unravel our plans for our 1 year Anniversary, that is all for now. Feel free to check out all the reviews this week and all the special content. We got an independent book and one book from each of the Big 2. Plus we got another countdown and survey. I hope you enjoy them all. And do forget to read the J1Studios comics (we can't review for obvious reasons) and listen to the music, including Shinigami's & Forafire's latest, SPIN DASH AUDIO. Till next time Clashers. 

SERAPH (aka Frankie Rodriguez)


One of the few Tokusatsu Reviews I know. Great guy with a good set of reviews, a few countdowns and some specials. Tokusatsu is special effects in japanese but it is what the genre of live action stuff like Power Rangers and Kamen Rider Dragon Knight are based off of. Toku Time or Reviewtopia: Toku Time is where you can find him.

Johnny Saturn that was recently the subject of the first UNDER THE NET: Johnny Saturn


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