Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The Replacements!

by Darryl "YTC" Carter

Birds of Prey Edition
Hey there Clashers! Here’s something we hope you’ll really like. A few days ago, the lot of us over here at CBC began thinking. (Startling, I know.) What if the members of a comic book team were decommissioned (due to any reason imaginable) and forced to recruit from other continuums and continuities?

You get the Replacements! This is our new segment where we take an existing comic book team and replace its members with suitable counterparts from other mediums. This week we are starting things off with Birds of Prey and substituting them with video game characters.

The following is the cast of Birds of Prey pre-New 52. We will get to the NEW 52 Birds of  Prey eventually.

First Appearance: Detective Comics #359

Halo Series

Barbara Gordon, leader of the Birds, is a tech wizard, adept strategist and high level martial artist. Her guidance and intelligence are the cogs and gears of the teams operations. Once an active member in the field, since her paralysis Barbara issues commands and provides support through her tech and planning.
Cortana is a viable replacement for Oracle. She posses the technology and skills to assist the Birds in their daily operations. She can simultaneous manage several programs and cyber operations and processes at a speed no human can muster. She lacks Barbara’s fighting knowledge and strategic ability, but being an AI gives her the capacity to learn at an accelerated pace. With the ability to hack and decipher ancient alien technology to boot, Cortana may be overflowing Barbara’s shoes.

Black Canary
First Appearance: Justice League of America #220 (Nov ’83)

Tifa Lockhart
Final Fantasy VII Series

Dinah Laurel Lance is a master martial artist equipped with an earsplitting sonic scream. She has fought the best fighter on the planet, Lady Shiva and lived. Capable of snapping a man’s bones in multiple locations in seconds, Dinah is a formidable opponent.
Tifa Lockhart is the substitute for Black Canary.  Tifa is an adept fighter. She jumps off walls and does somersault kicks for breakfast. Tifa lacks Dinah’s technical fighting ability, but makes up for it with raw force and an unlimited arsenal of materia to choose from. Who needs a sonic scream when you can wield every element at your fingertips? Psshaw… Just call on Knights of the Round.

First Appearance: Huntress #1 (Apr ’89)

Nina Williams
Tekken Series

Helena Bertinelli is cold blooded. She will kill you if she has to and she has the martial training to do it. She’s trained in various weapons, but often favors the crossbow. Helena has been known to cross the line 9 out of 10 times, but she is bound to her friends and will do anything to get them home safe and accomplish her goals.
Nina Williams is a trained assassin and adept martial artist. She’s ruthless and goal oriented just like Huntress. Nina is a systematic, skeletal dissector in combat, trained with her hands and firearms. If Nina’s put a target on your back, watch out. Frankly, I think she’s the best match on our list.

Lady Blackhawk
First Appearance: Blackhawk #133 (Feb ’59)

Jill Valentine
Resident Evil Series

Zinda Blake is feisty, beautiful and great in a bar fight. She is a member of the legendary Blackhawks, an expert pilot and adept marksman. Zinda finds her place as the Birds’ wheelman.
Jill Valentine is stepping in for Zinda. Jill is a top level operative, hardened by mankind’s war on Umbrella Corp. and biological weapons. She lacks Zinda’s zesty personality and piloting ability, but Jill’s tenacity and determination make her more than applicable. Her connections in the BSAA can provide vehicles and adept drivers.  Besides, not every non metahuman can take out a Tyrant with a Beretta and a combat knife.

Hawk & Dove
Hank’s First Appearance: Showcase #75 (June ’68)
Dawn’s First Appearance: Hawk and Dove Vol. 2 #1 (Oct ’88)

Ryu and Chun Li
Street Fighter Series

Hank Hall and Dawn Granger are the current faces of Hawk and Dove. Hank is an anger and testosterone driven powerhouse, while Dawn is gracefully agile and a voice of reason. Essentially, these two are War and Peace.
Ryu is by no means a Hawk doppelganger. He is calm, cool and collective. Ryu relies on his training and peace of mind to defeat his foes. In fact, Ryu could just as easily be Dove. But for color (red, white) and gender parallels we cast him as Hawk’s replacement. It’s a definite improvement if you ask me.

Chun Li is the perfect mesh of power and grace. Like Dawn, Chun Li would rather find the peaceful solution to a dispute rather than resort to her more than capable kicks.

With the power of the Hadoken and Kikoken at their wrist, this duo outshines the first string.

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