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The Redeemers # 2

Issue #2 
Arrivals and Conquests
by Frankie Rodriguez


All characters and/or renditions belong to Frankie Rodriguez.


A train was thrusting its way onto the city’s station with a smooth entry that made syrup jealous of landing on pancakes. The large, silver and navy blue train slid to a halt just as the clock stuck 17 minutes after 7:00am. The doors of the train pulled back with a hiss, spilling passengers out of its cars like milk on a counter. As new passengers hopped on the train, a young man in a dark brown jacket, wearing a dark green shirt and black jeans had stepped onto the platform. The young man, of Asian descent, swung a dark brown back, a shade lighter than his jacket, on his back with easy. As he passed several patrons, the young man headed straight for a booth that said information that was covered in glass, reaching the ceiling. The young man noticed a brunette with a soft blue uniform on with a symbol similar to the train he just walked out of on her bosom. With a quick smirk, he made his way through the crowd with ease till he got to the booth; only to be cut by a large, grizzly of a man in a suit and bald head. The young Asian man frowned for a moment as the muscular man talked to the information woman.
            The guy in the suit crowed, “Hey! I need to get to New York City from here. Which trains do I take and how much is it and how long will it take?”
            The information woman asked, “Have you looked at the schedule?”
            The guy in the suit shook his head. “Listen if you could just tell me, I’d really . . .”
            The young Asian guy rolled his eyes then grabbed the guy in the suit’s shoulders. The young Asian guy quickly pushed aside the larger male with ease then stepped forward. The information woman was stunned for a moment as the young Asian guy smiled at her.
            “Hi. I . . . am . . .sorry,” slowly spoke the young Asian guy. “I . . . are  . . .Quon Feng.”
            Before another syllable could be said, the guy in the suit stomped to Quon Feng’s right. Seething, the guy in the suit barked out his next words. “I was in the middle of talking to her, asshole.”
            “Need . . . help. You . . . don’t . . . read . . . schedule,” Quon Feng’s voice echoed, showing signs that his English was somewhat limited. After that, his mouth curved to a bright smile.
            The guy in the suit’s face began to turn bright red, “I don’t give a fuck. Learn some English. You are in America you motherfucker! I was there first. Go home asshole. Go the fuck away so I can finish my damn business.”
            The information woman’s face faulted at the guy’s yelling but did not say a word when she saw the large smile on Quon Feng’s face.
            “You . . . are . . . asshole,” Quon Feng started. “My . . . dog . . . pleases himself . . . with your . . . mother’s vagina.”
            The information woman stifled a laugh as the crimson in the guy in the suit’s face neared critical mass. The guy threw a punch at Quon Feng who ducked over the punch. The guy threw another punch but Quon Feng merely swung his neck to the left, avoiding this punch with ease. The young Asian man quickly used his elbow to block the third punch; causing the guy in the suit to yelp in pain. Quon Feng gave a full smile as he then flipped over the guy in the suit, crashing him on the ground.
            “You . . . done?” inquired Quon Feng with his thick Asian accent and grand smile that flash white that made snow envious.
            The guy groaned in pain as Quon Feng shifted his gaze upon the information woman; who was chuckling.
            “You know . . . at first I was mad at that but that asshole has been bugging me for the same shit everyday for the last 2 weeks.” Her voice sweet and slow as her eyes met with the near hypnotic pools of blue from the young Asian. “What can I help you with again? And don’t worry. Take your time. Do you need a pen and maybe write down what you want so I can understand better?”
             Quon Feng began to hold his side as his bag fell with a thump. His voice gasping as he laughed at the information woman; who suddenly tilted her head with a face of bewilderment. “No need to talk slow. I was just joking.”
            “You know English . . . good,” stated the surprised Information woman.
            “Sweetie, first, I may have trained in China but I was born in Baltimore. Secondly, It's I know English well. Remember proper grammar and all that. Third, How about some directions . . . after I eat you out?”
            The information woman stood stunned as Quon Feng flashed her another, winning smile.
            Her voice cracked in nervousness as she responded, “I . . . I . . . I don’t get off till 2pm.”
            Quon Feng shook his head. “No, no no.”
            Quickly, Quon Feng took a small piece of metal with an A engraved on it. Quon Feng went towards the booth’s door. Quon Feng taps it on the door and she swiftly lets him inside the booth. The young Asian man ducks down as he goes in, getting to his knees. Hidden from the world except her, gazed at her dress with a greedy smile. The information woman just shakes her head but keeps smiling as Quon Feng slowly slips off her panties.
            “You get off now.”
As he buried his face and head into her dress, all the information woman did for the next several minutes was grip the sides of her counter as if she was holding for dear life off a cliff. Moans every so often escaped her lips as customers continued to pass or talk with her; unaware of her guest and her ecstasy.
Seraph sighed as he ran a hand through his dark brown, almost black, hair that was faded on his head as he took his first steps outside of the police station, noticing the sun beginning to rise in the east. Seraph wearily rubbed his eyes at the sprinkles of clouds in the sky as the sunlight pierced through them. He looked around, realizing that he is either taking a bus or walking to his apartment. No. They had made it into a crime scene and even though he was assured by Detective Graves that they had cleared out the body, it was still taped up.
            “Perfect. I don’t have a bed for a day or so . . .” Seraph was figuring as to where to go when suddenly he felt a pat on the back that startled him for a moment.
            With a smile that looked foreign to his face, Graves chirped, “Morning Seraph. I can call you that right?”
            Seraph sighed, “Since I just met you last night, no.”
            “Aww, c’mon now. We’re buddies now. Not like you got nothing to hide. We seen it all last night, right?” Graves commented with a hint of laughter in his voice.
            Seraph remembering that he had been completely naked when Graves, his partner and the EMTs had shown up, turning a bright red while pouting his lips.  Seraph exhaled a hard breath then turned away from Detective Graves; which he had noticed that the officer was now changed into a pair of black sweats and a long sleeved white shirt that showed off the thick, muscular chest on the officer. Seraph began to walk away from the detective as Graves quickly hovered over to his left. The two were walking down the sidewalk as they continued their conversation.
            “Where are you off to anyway?” inquired Graves, still with that odd smile on his face which slightly unnerved Seraph.
            Seraph took in the fragrances of strong manly cologne on Graves’ person which made him more attractive to him than he already was. Seraph also noticed the small group of hair that stick from his color; nothing that Graves must have a hair chest. Still, Seraph plainly stated, “Not sure but most likely a hotel.”
            “I can understand but we will get through the crime scene as quickly as possible,” explained the detective, making sure he matched the speed of Seraph, no matter how he walked. If Seraph was walking briskly, Graves was right there with him. If Seraph was walking slow, Graves slowed down; not once as they passed five blocks that Seraph loose his ‘company.’ Seraph gave a quick groan as he shifted his gaze back at the officer after minutes of silence.
            “What do you want from me or is this your way of performing police work; stalking people instead of following leads?”
            Graves arched an eyebrow, replying, “Who says I am not?”
            “This could be considered harassment, officer.”
            Graves just shrugged and gave another smile. “This is not harassment and you don’t have a vagina.”
            Seraph rolled his eyes in annoyance. “You’ve been following me for over 8 blocks.”
            Seraph entered a walkway to McDuffie Park, the largest park in the city. As the marble walkway shot through fields of flowers, trees, park huts, picnic tables and playgrounds, Seraph was continuously tagged by the officer. Seraph turned to him, “You really aren’t going to stop following me?”
            “Considering you are the only lead to what happened to that old man . . . probably not. And you can’t blame me considering that someone threw him through your window,” answered Graves flatly. He pointed to a large stage at the middle of the park where the walkway they are stomping through leads to; intersecting with others. There were a few joggers running around and some walkers, dressed for work. Other than that, the park seemed empty. Seraph shook his head in frustration. “You’ve got time to kill. Why not just relax? Let’s get some breakfast. Where else are you going to go?”
            Seraph pouted as he thought to himself, ‘Okay. This sucks. He’s like all up near me . . . which is actually kind of fine cause he’s freakin’ hot! But, I kinda want to be alone so I can get some more sleep. Still, he’s got a point. Everyone else is either at work or asleep; so I can’t really crash right now. I can always hit a hotel but damn it . . . I am starving.’ “Alright. If I go to breakfast, will you leave me alone afterward?”
            “Were you not paying attention to what I just said?” repeated Graves, getting serious for a moment. “You are my only lead. And since I am pretty sure you didn’t kill the guy, we need to watch you like a hawk.”
            “Don’t you have a wife to go home to?” Seraph asked; partially curious as to why this officer took such a personal interest in him and for the fact that Seraph had his own interest in Officer Graves.
            Graves turned away for a moment. “No. Do you want breakfast?”
            “You paying?” Seraph’s eyebrow arched with his question, seemingly low on cash until his next unemployment payment in 2 days.
            Graves gave a winning smile. “Fine. Does that make you happy?”
            “Actually it does,” Seraph gave off his own smile, not feeling apprehensive at the moment. “Now to choose the most expensive place to eat.”
            “Boy, you must be a lousy date.” Graves turned to an intersecting path on his left. Seraph paused for a moment at Graves’ comment then proceeded to walk.  Seraph pouted again then followed the officer. His lips grew into a smile as he wondered along with Graves, delighted to spend time with him.
_ _ _ _ _
Inside a large base, the halls were white, silver and grey to show how sterile the place was. Military officers were walking along; all of them heavily armed with a few doctors in lab coats walked along a long corridor till they reached large, heavy steal doors. Two of the three doctors with the armed escort all kneeled down and had their retina scanned by modules; one older main with snow white hair to the left of the door; another man who was bald, who had tanned skin and dark eyes on the right of the door. Finally, a final scanner came up from the floor in the center to the lone female doctor, with mocha skin and long brown and blonde hair.
            The female doctor, Dr. Claire Jefferson, spoke with a hard, strong voice, “Retina scan, senior doctors initiate.”
            The white haired doctor stated, “Daniel Van Helsing! Alpha, unlocked.”
            The second doctor replied, “Amil Bryant! Beta, unlocked.”
            Claire then stated, “Claire Jefferson. Omega, unlocked. Entry into The Hive. Delta-21- Theta – Zephyr.”
            Suddenly, the doors locks began to spin. With a hiss and slight smoke, the doors slowly creaked open as the thunder of the final locks falling back hit the air.  Suddenly, the giant, football stadium sized room revealed itself. Large amounts of monitors, stairways and consoles were filling the room. There was a center walk way toward a main platform in which all others stations were connected to. As the three doctors along with the soldiers that escorted them made their way to the central platform; tubes of yellow and black sprinkled their path along side computer terminals and hallways. As a matter of fact, the entire “Hive” was colored mostly black and yellow.  
            The sound of metal begin pounded by either feet or fingers filled the air alongside all kids of transmissions. As the doctors passed the tubes, the soldiers snickered or sneered at the objects floating in the tubes. The creatures were seemingly both avian and humanoid. They had long legs that seemed to be covered in scales instead of skin with three or four talons on their feet instead of toes. They were decorated with silver feathers that were accented with either white or black. Their arms stretched long as did their wings which were attached to those arms. Their bodies either seemed either very stocky with large chests or very petite. Yet, they all had heads that seemed a mixture of both human and bird. Oddly enough, these beings had beaks instead of mouths and nostrils on top of their beaks. Dr. Jefferson gave a slight smirk as she passed by them. When they reached the platform, they were greeted by two beings: A stocky man wearing a green jacket and slacks with multiple command badges on him. The other as a humanoid being who was aquamarine in skin color. On his body were wires of call kinds, connected to many of the consoles within The Hive.
            The aquamarine being stated in smooth, almost monotone voice, “Greetings Doctor Claire Jefferson. We have been eagerly awaiting your arrival.”
            “He ain’t kidding,” the military man had added quickly as he patted his side impatiently. “You were supposed to be here nearly 30 minutes ago.”
            “I am sorry for our tardiness General Ewing. But between the 2 portals that opened last night, my team hasn’t slept doing readings and spectra analysis. And personally General, you can kiss my ass if you think I am gonna just hop when you say so.” The tone from Dr. Jefferson’s voice was rough, with edge but sincere. Dr. Jefferson turned over to the Aquamarine being. “How are you holding up Cypher?”
            “Over all well. The data our agents on the field have given us has been useful. From the readings, the first portal matches the portal energy signature from a week ago,” the being known as Cypher described to the group of doctors and soldiers. General Ewing quickly slid into Dr. Jefferson’s field of vision, barking at her in anger.
            “You got a lot of nerve lady. I am in command of the Hive, as per orders from the higher ups. And you better learn to respect my authority or I will deny you access to this . . .”
            Dr. Jefferson chuckled at the General. “You can’t deny me to shit.” From her lab coat, Claire had pulled out a special medallion. “No one in this country can deny me from shit!”
            General Ewing’s eyes stepped back in surprise. “That metal. But that’s not possible.”
            “Oh it is, General,” began the feisty Dr. Jefferson. “You know what that medal means. And if my last name wasn’t a hint, figure out who the fuck I am related to. In this country, I am royalty. So why don’t you get your white ass out of my face before I kick it.”
            The General grimaced in frustration as Dr. Jefferson turned to Cypher. “The portal activity has heighten on schedule after all.”
            “Yes. According to the Kalique’s data tracks, the prophecy states that The Redeemers newest genesis is starting to occur. The title of King has passed to a new King. And from what I can decode from the data tracks, the King is the key to the formation of The Redeemers.”
            Dr. Jefferson paused at that while Dr. Van Helsing and Dr. Bryant were gazing upon readings on individual consoles. Dr. Van Helsing glanced at some information after typing some special codes. He gasped.
            “We have a problem, Dr. Jefferson. It seems that another portal will soon emerge from the energy readings,” answered the white haired doctor.
            Cypher quickly answered Dr. Jefferson’s question. “Actually 5 miles away from the last portal.”
            “It seems that things are really starting to bloom in our field, ey?” Dr. Jefferson smirked at Dr. Van Helsing’s answer to her. Dr. Jefferson felt anxiousness crawl up from the pit of her stomach.
            Dr. Jefferson quickly turned to the soldiers that accompanied her. “Get on a plane and get to that location. Track down our visitors and bring their asses back here.”
            General Ewing quickly got in front of the soldiers, rage blowing out of his ears like ready boiled tea. “That is enough! You will not follow her orders. You follow the change of command here. And I am your superior officer. And first, I want you to arrest this bitch.”
            A lone soldier replied, “On what charge sir.”
            “Treason. What she is doing is using you and this facility as she sees fit. And only two other people besides me who can order you out like that. Now I . . .”
            Dr. Jefferson shook her head then turned to Cypher. “ How long has  it been since I ordered the death of Director Grimes?”
            “25.5 hours ago, Dr. Jefferson.” Cypher’s voice had echoed with a frighteningly calm tone that had instilled fear amongst the soldiers and the general. After a moment to let that fact sink in, Dr. Jefferson continued.
            “And under the security directives, who is now in charge?”
            Cypher gave the same frightening, calm voice as he answered, “Under the by laws of Rule 15, Section Alpha 9, that would be you. The President has already given his approval this morning at 5.00 hours.”
            General Ewing’s eyes widened as Dr. Jefferson smirked. General Ewing hands slowly reached for a gun that he had behind him on his left side of his back when Dr. Jefferson came closer to him.
            “You are crazy. I will report to the President of what you did and . . .” Ewing pulled out his gun from behind him as Dr. Jefferson quickly took out a gun of her own; yet while General Ewing’s gun was a pistol that had been modified; Dr. Jefferson’s gun was silver with slits on either side of a pistol. Dr. Jefferson pressed the trigger of this oddly shaped weapon, hitting General Ewing hard with a blast.
            General Ewing as he felt the flesh of his stomach began to tear like a hot knife through butter. His lower intestines were shattered and shredded till a hole was revealed on the other side of General Ewing. The screams of sheer agony were cut off as the General’s now dead body plopped onto the steel grate like mesh of the floor. Each soldier stood on nervously as it happened. Dr. Jefferson walked over to kick General Ewing down the walkway a little. She then turned to the soldiers.
            “It is impressive what happens when a human being gets a hold of extraterrestrial technology which used air as a weapon. That being said, I will not stand for any kind of disloyalty in my ranks. As was stated, I am now director of Area 51. Now, I have given you orders. Head to the location of that portal and start tracking cause I am interested in what will be emerging from it and getting a lead on whoever King is. Any mentions of what just happened to anyone else, Cypher will active the nanite bombs that were mixed with your food within the last few days. Are we clear?”
            Every single soldier replied in unison, “Yes, Director!”
            “Good. Soldiers, to the hangar in five minutes. Bryant will be accompanying you. I want whatever is coming out of that portal found and brought back here. Dismissed.”
            Dr. Jefferson turned to her compatriots and Cypher as the dead body of General Ewing lay not far from them. As the soldiers side stepped the corpse, Bryant walked over and began to drag it to the left.
            “I am going to be busy for a while,” Dr. Bryant stated then continued to walk off while dragging the body of General Ewing with him.
            “Doesn’t take much to keep Amil happy, ey?” asked Dr. Van Helsing.
            Dr. Jefferson smirked, “No, it does not. Let’s make sure we keep it working to our advantage. We have to find where this so called King is. And the sooner we do it, the better off we will all be.”

Next: More Hunters after the Redeemers. More Redeemers awaken. And Seraph and Graves meet their first challenge.

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