Thursday, July 12, 2012

Marvel NOW starts One New Beginning & A Whole Lot of Endings

As we inch closer to Marvel NOW, the solicitations for October has come out. And as such, things are gonna change very much for the Marvel Universe. We got 1 new title in October. Well ... technically 3.

Space Knights mini series #1 and the Dexter adaption hits stores alongside the much anticipated Uncanny Avengers; as we showed the cover in a previous post.

Yet, For this new beginning, we are getting a LOT of endings.

The Following titles are having their final issues during the month of October:

Captain America (with issue #19)
The Mighty Thor (with issue # 22)
Invincible Iron Man (with issue # 527)
Incredible Hulk (with issue #15)
Fantastic Four (with issue #611)
FF (with issue # 23)
Uncanny X-Men (with issue # 20)
New Mutants  (with issue # 50)
X-Men Legacy (with issue # 275)

 Most of these titles are not a surprise. Unfortunately, New Mutants and X-Men Legacy are two of the biggest surprises. I know Astonishing X-Men and Wolverine & the X-Men are still focusing on the Jean Grey School but damn ... I love X-Men Legacy. *sigh* Forgive my fanboy moment. It does look like they are not going to cancel Wolverine & the X-Men anytime soon. Although, Avengers and New Avengers are on their final arcs, so they'll be ending next.  But at the very least, we are gonna see quiet a few changes with the restarts of most of these series. I say most cause I doubt that X-Men Legacy, New Mutants or FF are coming back.

I guess we'll find out. Keep your eyes here for more news. The end is coming.

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