Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Issue # 1,Volume 1
Rated R
July 2012

Created and Written by Frankie Rodriguez

All characters were created by Frankie Rodriguez. Any similarities of people are purely coincidental. Cover by DeAndra McFadden & Darryll B Carter! 

"HARSH SPRING, Part 1: The Blooming Time" 

Heiress Suites, Penthouse Floor
December 12th, 2011

Scion City, FL

         My name is Rose Tendou - Riley. I'm am a FBI agent. And my pussy is so wet right now, my shower would be jealous.

      Rose's brown hair was a nice contrast to her African American/Japanese features. Her skin was a warm carmel. Her body fit within her dress jacket and her leather slacks. Her shoes were stylish but practical, given there were currently the sounds and light of bullets around her. Rose looked to one of her teammates, a  Caucasian man named Kyle Matthews. His cropped brown hair easily seen as he empties his semi automatic. Bodies were on either side and between the 2 of them.

      Before you judge, allow me to say that I haven't had decent sex in the last two years. All that secret agent, James Bond shit, ain't real? Not for me anyway. Some people find that a little vulgar of me. But then, when you work with the FBI, you learn that the shit you'd find vulgar ain't really anything compared to what we see. 

   Rose ducks under another hail of bullets before she grips her own firearm. She aims, firing several rounds ... all but one meeting their mark, on 3 men that surrounded her main prey, a man with black hair, strong facial features,  wearing a navy suit coat with a vibrant royal blue shirt and jeans.

    The asshole that were behind the three men I just dropped is Cesar Monticello. Current second-in-command of the Monticello crime family. Been after this little asshole for years. He's got a hard on for me cause one ... I rejected any sexual advances he made towards me; and two ... I put his brother in jail nearly a year ago. But hey . ..  he and his brother were involved in a mass drug traffic scam for a brand new drug called Trinity.And testing it on high school and junior high kids. Kinda hate that shit.

   Cesar and four other men shoot another barrage of bullets at the two FBI agents. Cesar and his men stopped for a moment. "You fuckin' cunts! You got my big brother in jail and stopped us from making a lot of money. Come out of there!!"

   Cesar and his men shoot another barrage of bullets. Rose and Kyle kept themselves behind two large pillars. Kyle looks at Rose.

   "You know Tendou ... you know how to show a guy a great time!"

   Rose chirped back, "Must be cause I don't put out on the first few dates!"  She shot three shots from her current firearm then dropped it. She looks down.

   Ugh! I hate this shit. But a woman's gotta do what she's gotta do. Taking weapons from the dead would be wrong in the eyes of some but expected in others. And I want to live.

   Rose quickly grabs two blood soaked guns from two dead men and begin to unload their rounds, taking down another of Cesar's men while Kyle takes down another with a head shot.

    Nice to know that Kyle can pull his weight. And with two more down, we're about to . . .

 Another seven men pour into the room behind Cesar with more weapons. The new hail of bullets struck, slicing past Kyle's arm.

   get fucked! And while I feel bad for Kyle's, his stubborn ass won't say it hurts. Still ... this turns me on. The danger. The Risk. And the sweet reward once we take down a bad guy. It's ... it's like I am having an orgasm every second for the next hour, each one better than the last. And the RUSH ... dear God ... this rush is incredible. This is why I mentioned that I am leaking like a shower head. And wait till I take down Cesar!

Kyle and Rose take down a man a piece but there are simply too many men as they move in. Rose and Kyle turn back after shooting at their attacks, glancing at each other.

  "Tendou. I'm sorry," shouted Kyle.

   Rose replied, "What for? We're not dead yet."

   "Kinda gonna be cause ... I'm out of ammo," Kyle replied.

   "Oh joy. I am almost done myself," Rose said as she looked around. "Any radio contact from Rave?"

   "No. This might be it for us . Listen Tendou . . . if anything happ . .."

   Rose held up a hand. "If you start with that last words shit again .. . I will personally use one of my last bullets to shoot you in the ass."

   Cesar held up an arm. "They're out of bullets. Move in. Let's finish this."

   Cesar and his goons were closing in and me and Kyle were pretty fucked at this point. I go over in my mind all the techniques my dad taught me. Yet, it would also mean lasting long enough to dodge bullets. And Kyle doing the same. Shit. Why can't we get a last minute . ..

  Suddenly, the doors opened behind them with SWAT and other FBI agents in full gear coming in with guns ablazing. One of the other FBI agents went over to Rose, his blonde hair gave way to his blue eyes that looked her over.

    "Tendou ... you okay?"

    "Nice to see you too Parker. I owe you a round of shots after this," Rose answered with a hint of a smile."Just don't take so long next time."

   "We told you and Matthews to wait," Parker replied. "But I'll take that round."

 Another agent looks over Matthews as the others are in a fire fight. During the ensuing fire fight, Cesar and two of his men followed him out the door his reinforcements came in from.

  "Fuck!" Rose gripped a new gun provided by Parker. "Where the hell does Cesar thinks he's going?"

   Rose began to shoot as she closed in towards the doors to follow Cesar. Parker and Matthews continued to fire as they watched her go.

  "What the hell," Parker exclaimed as his bullets struck down another of Cesar's men.

  Kyle sighed as he simply began to run after her. Parker yelling profanities as the two agents went on their own . .. again.

 Rose hand her gun out as she was quickly going down the hallway. Kyle was slowly coming up behind her, making sure he wasn't followed by anyone that was not the law. Right before he caught up to Rose, he stared at a barrel of a gun.

   Rose gripped the gun. :"What the hell are you doing? Fall back."

  "And miss the chance to get Cesar or hear you brag how you took him down alone? No thanks," replied Kyle.

Suddenly, the two men with Cesar popped from either side of a group of large doors.

  These two are getting annoying as all fuck.

  Rose quickly ducks for a moment then charges at them, gliding past bullets over head as she starts to kick. away the two mobsters' guns. Rose gives a hard fist to one guy's side while she elbowed the other. Rose ducked under a fist as she headbutted her assailant.

"Matthews ...move your ass. Get Cesar. This should take a minute," she commented. Matthews raced paced her as she was snapping the neck of the other assailant.

    Matthews raced inside to see an empty room with another massive door just ahead of him. Rose knocked out the other attacker as she wanted into the main penthouse living room.

  I ran in to join Matthews as he was about to open another big door. Yet as his hand was touching the door, I felt cold prickling sensations up and down my neck. I felt like I had seen this before. And I have. Mostly in movies. My eyes widened as I yell while standing next to a sofa. It was too late . ..


 Much too late.

In the Dark
Unknown Place
Unknown Time

       I feel ... it. I feel . ..  my god. What is ... happening? I feel someone ... their tongue. Why can't move ...feel muscles. Strong ... firm. Wow. Whoever this is ... is incredible. Their ...their touch ...Uah.
 Oh my god. Never ... never felt so ... so gooooooooooood. What ...why do I feel .... Oh my God! OH MY GOD!!!

      "Since you . .."

   I can't make out all the words. Feels like ... so disjointed ... but God, it has never felt so GOOD!

  "" . . . periments, I will . ..  you."

    Whoever this is ... please God, don't let  them stop. I can feel every kiss. Every touch. Every last thrust. I feel it all and my body feels like it's singing. Ah.

  " ... seeds will grown within you."

    Suddenly, it feels like my body is ... AH ... the pain! Yet ... the pleasure ... it's overwhelming. Oh ... oh! O-!

Kelsey Crusher Hospital, Room 541
July 4th, 2012
Condor Falls, NV

    The sun had beamed into the room after a quick zip removed blinds from their place. a woman with long brownish aurburn hair stood over a sleeping Rose. Her skin was slightly lighter than Rose's but her eyes were similar. With a sigh, the woman sits on a chair next to Rose while gripping her hand. Rose's hand and mouth have tubes in it. Her hair matted and combed, Rose lied still as the woman spoke.

 "It's been over six months, nee-chan. Six months since the explosion. After everything that happened, you are starting to look better now than you did before the explosion." Rose's sister, Jasmine took a soulfully long breath. "It took nearly 5 months till the agency would let me see you.Parker told me that they had moved you to a few different hospitals before settling her 3 months back. They wanted to make sure to keep you alive after . . ."

   Jasmine took a free hand to wipe the tear coming from her eye. "You know, I don't know how you felt. If you felt any of it at all. They showed me all the burns. The cuts. What ... You are lucky to have survived. If you call this surviving."

 Jasmine gripped her sister's hand tighter. "Shit Rose. This ain't you. This whole ... comatose, laying on the bed shit isn't you. Sure, you were a bit lazy growing up . . ."

  "And as an adult too," called out Parker as he walked in with another guy; a larger, bear of a man with dark brown skin and greenish brown eyes with glasses on. "Crane and I wanted to see how she was holding up and the usual sweep."

Jasmine dried her eyes."I appreciate it Parker but next time knock."

Crane murmured under his breathe, "Yep. Definitely her sister."

 "What was that Crane?" snapped Jasmine.

 Crane nervously replied, " Ah ... nothing. How are you? Any change in Rose."

Jasmine has placed one finger up, planning to verbal evisceration of Crane but Parker stepped in between them. "Seriously, Jasmine, we'd like to know."

  "No real change. She's healed. She's healed from just about everything," she stated as she looked back at Rose. "Whatever healing she's been doing, it's helped her immensely."

  "She had burns, broken bones, spinal damage ... and you say she's all better?" Parker inquired, finding it hard to believe that Rose could recover from such dangerous injuries.

  Crane added, "I knew she was healing well but I am still surprised that she's healed from all that. Spinal damage too."

  "The doctor's originally said that she'd need several operations on her spine alone. I was told by the doctors's that she'd recover in time but all better?"

  Jasmine chimed," Parker, they were saying her spine somehow realigned itself to the point she doesn't need another surgery. Yet, what I want to know is that ... if she is all better. When will she wake up?"

  Parker and Crane just paused, Crane putting his head down. A doctor walked in with dirty blonde hair and some blue and white heals.She came into the room.

  "Mr. Parker, Ms. Tendou. And ... " the doctor paused, looking towards Parker and Jasmine.

  "Go ahead. He's been visiting and he's got the clearance," Parker stated.

 Jasmine chirped, "Not from me. If this was a civilian in the hospital . .. "

  "But she's not a civilian.  She's FBI. Let's not get into that here Jasmine," Parker replied.

  Jasmine pointed a finger right at Parker as her voice spat frustration. "This is MY sister in my bed. Don't you dare tell me I do not have a say on who has access to my sister after you assholes kept her from me and my family for months."

  Crane began to step back. "I can go .. ."

  "No," Parker cut off. "You are fine."

  "If you are gonna all carry on, I will throw you all out of this hospital," the doctor stated, hoping her threat would calm down the people in the room.

   Jasmine hissed, "You even try it, I will have your career and the careers of every member of your family till I am dead and buried."

   Parker added, "And you would be impeding federal officers from doing their business. Which will land you in jail. So, I suggest you don't try us."

  Crane threw up his arms. "Do  you both have to be so damn stubborn. The lady is just trying to do her job!"

  Parker and Jasmine glanced at each other than back at the doctor. Crane sighed as he looked at the doctor, "Go ahead, Dr . . .?"

  "Grimes. And believe me, I will be putting in complains and getting my lawyer for this.But before all that, my  patient seems to have been healing remarkably. Any spine damage that was left after the first operation had seemingly healed itself. Burns, skin ... no real markings. It is as if her body's immune system got a boost cause she didn't even need skin graphs and their are no real signs of scarring."

 Jasmine took a small sigh of relief as Parker and Crane both seem surprised by the doctor's words. Parker asked, "How is it possible? I thought that she would need the spinal operations and she had some scarring last I was here a month ago."

  "The treatments she has been receiving have helped her so very much. Maybe it is a miracle but she is turning around nicely," Dr. Grimes stated.

Crane gave a small smile as Jasmine just glanced at her. "That is all well and good. And even I have to admit, she looks great. But what the hell is up with her that she can't wake up?"

  Dr. Grimes stopped for a moment. "Well ... at the end of the day, I think the mental trauma of all what happened must have her trapped in her own head. Or maybe there are issues with the brain we still need to examine but from all accounts, she should not be in a coma now."

  After Dr. Grimes said those words, the two FBI agents and Rose's sister all turned to look at the fallen agent, wondering why won't she wake up.

Kaleidoscope Night Club, main office on top floor
July 4th, 2012

Glitztown Section of Scion City, FL

     Within a section of the city stands a large, oval shaped building with large spotlights on it. It is Kaleidoscope; the most popular night club in the state of FL and one of the most well known nightclubs from around the world. The rich, the famous, the poor yet hungry ... all gather under the banner where you can see the pecking order but pretend you are part of it ... for the right price. Past the multiple floors, bars, tvs, dancers and bartenders, you get to the top 3 floors. While many storage and dressing rooms are on the last two floors, the very top floor holds the large main office/deluxe apartment setting for the manager of Kaleidoscope, Ren Pizzimenti. Ren sats comfortably with two naked women around him when he heard the door open.

   Cesar Monticello, one of the clubs main owners, walks in with five men and three women of his own with him. Ren rummaged his hand through his brown hair as he got up and hugged Cesar.

  "Ah. So good to see ya, cuz. Happy Independence Day!"

  Ren and Cesar ended their hug as Cesar looked around. "Nice to see business is booming as always."

 "Are you kidding? I had to turn away former child stars tonight. We got this place hopping, cuz," Ren said as he went over to the table then sniffed the already set lines of cocaine from it.

 Cesar walked towards the nearest window, gazing at the fireworks that were popping all over the sky over the shoreline. He turned back to his cousin.

"Not much for chit-chat at the moment, Ren. What's been our sales tonight?"

  Ren played with his white coated nose for a minute, wiping away the coke as he came up to Cesar. Ren snapped his fingers and a large, husky man came in with a silver briefcase. The man opens it to reveal a score of bills.

  "Nearly over a million in Trinity sales tonight. Fuckin ' fiends love it. Keep tellin' me that they love it. Never had a drug so good they said," Ren directed as the man with the briefcase gave it to one of Cesar's men.

Cesar's eyes quickly shifted, glaring at Ren. "You didn't take any of the shit, right?"

  "What? Trinity? Nah. Not yet but .. . " Ren started when Cesar immediately cut him off.

 "Never take the junk, you hear me? Never take Trinity."

   Ren's face folded in confusion. "But why not?"

 Then, one of the women Ren was playing with before Cesar walked in, came over and said, "Why not? It's really fucking fun. Especially during sex."

Ren and Cesar looked at the woman. Her hair was matted in some places, wild like fire in others. Her eyes had dark black holes that seemed to be sucking her eyes in and her body seemed to be too skinny as her ribs were easily seen while her mouth was white.

Cesar merely takes his arm and slaps the woman away. The woman lands on the floor with a big bump and beings to laugh hysterically. "This is why I don't want you do it. The junk makes you go cookoo."

Another of the women come over to them and kneels by the girl."Leave her alone. She ain't do nothing to you." After saying those words, Cesar turned to one of his men then gave a nod.

  A tall man with a mustache came and picked up the woman helping the other woman on the ground. Cesar quickly grabbed a needle from  the table while another of his men came out with a vial of thick, crimson red liquid. Cesar drenched the needle in, taking in enough till the needle was fool. The woman held by the man in the mustache was fighting to get free when Cesar came over to her.

   " Sweetie . . . in this family, you learn to shut up when the big boys are talkin.' Since you feel we're being so unfair to the chick, you can join her!" Cesar's words ended with him stabbing a needle of Trinity directly into the defiant woman. She went from clawing at the sky to dropping like a ton of bricks onto the ground. She began to cunvulse as she began to foam at the mouth while shaking.

    Ren smirked, "" You feel it babe. Yeah ... the pain. Ah the lovely, blissful pain that you're in. Almost makes me wish I was you right now."

   The woman began to scream with drool and foam falling from her lips. Ren picks up the first woman who was struck down earlier. "Daphne ....see what you did. Your girl might not live through the first two rounds. Trinity shot up like that ... with that much ... hahaha."

   The woman, now feeling the affects of the overdose of the drug called Trinity, was stretching out as her body felt nothing but waves and waves of pain. Then, within second, she began to scream, clawing away at her own skin.

   "She made it to the second round. The delusions. Ah ... whatever is in her pretty head must frighten the fuck outta her, " Ren smirked.

  As the Daphne, Ren and the other mobsters watched the woman cutting away at her own skin, a cellphone rang. Cesar went into his pocket and picked it up. Within seconds, Cesar ended the call with a smirk on his face.

  Cesar chimed in, "Looks like this is gonna be my favorite holiday after all."

  Ren asked as the woman continued to scream with part of her arm's muscles now exposed from her tearing her own skin, "Why's that?"

  "Simple. They finally found my lost little flower," Cesar smiled as he went over and took a drink. He turned to his men. "Get your  sun screen gents . .. we're going to Nevada."

   Ren inquired, "Hitting Vegas? I thought Sammy West said ..."

  "Fuck Sammy West and his gang of bitches. Not going there anyway. Looks like I'm gonna be taking a trip to Condor Falls. Happy Fourth of July cuz!" Cesar smiled as the woman on the floor stopped screaming painfully ... and changed to euphoric moaning.

FBI -Scion City Division, the old Scion Herald Building
July 7th, 2012 

Scion City, FL

     Right on a stretch of beach that has a boardwalk, the only Scion City Herald building stands. Inside it, the FBI special division has set up base inside, using the facilities as needed. Inside a conference room, division head, Derrick Chambers steps inside with some papers in hand. Sitting in sides around the conference room are four other agents; a long black haired beauty named Erin Baxter; a short, black haired guy by the name of Victor  Negron; Parker and Crane. Derrick folded his arms, waiting for his crew to stop talking before he starts.

    "You know, I can cut your salaries a little more if you want to keep wasting time," Chambers barked.

 Parker chimed, "I  think we're good."

   Everyone focused on Chambers. " Good to see things working out. Anyway, we got word that the Monticello's have been moving more and more Trinity. So much so that they damn near sold out of it  during the 4th."

  Erin sighed, "Bloody fuckin' kids."

 "Not just the kids, Baxter. It would be easier if it was just the kids. No . .. we got everyone from junior high kids to well know celebrities to even some politicians who got a piece of this latest shipment. We are gonna need to up game and make some big moves soon," sternly proclaimed Chambers.

 Victor stated, "Our intel gave us that much but let me guess, no supplier yet huh?"

"There have been hints of two major suppliers. One you know real well, Erin. Lucien Winters," said as he looked directly at Erin to see her reaction.

Erin grimaced at the mention of  Winters. "That son of a bitch. I was hoping he'd be smart enough to die before I catch him."

  Parker asked, "So, you've got history?"

  "Boy do they ever," started Crane."Sees as if Winter's went from being a small fry to a big one within a year, killing anyone that was his competition and Baxter her went undercover and . .. "

   Crane stopped when he noticed  Erin's eyes making daggers towards him. "I'mma shut up now."

 "Please do before you force me to shoot you," Erin stated with a grim calm.

  "What the fuck did I sign up for?" Victor jokingly asked when Chambers cleared his throat. The rest of the group turned their attention to him.

   "Anyway, we got another issue. Cesar's been quiet since yesterday. He's only been seen around town a couple times till he went to the airport about 30 minutes ago," Chambers said, as puts down the file. Pictures of Cesar and some men slipped out.

    Victor chimed, "Well, if Cesar's gone, all we gotta do is take down Lorenzo ..."

  "No! We don't have enough to pin Lorenzo to anything at the moment. We'd be tipping our hand," Chambers walked around the room as the rest of the team examined the photos.

  Parker gave a simple question as he looked up at one picture. "So where is he going?"

 Chambers looked to Crane. Crane simply brought up his new hand-held touchscreen computer as he tapped it a couple of times. This is eyes flashed with worry.

   "Um . . .he's going to Nevada."

   "Oh my god," Parker started.

  Erin added, "Then he must have found her."

  "How?" Crane started, "We've been so damn tight lipped about this."

   Victor raised his hand, as if he was in school. "Tight lipped about what? What's going on?"

  "Victor, we only mentioned it a couple times but one of our members has been kept hidden for the last 7 months in order to protect her and heal. Cause she had Cesar dead to rights before what happened went down," Erin stated.

   " Why am I only hearing about this now? I've been here for like 3 months."

Chambers simply answered, "Cause you didn't need to know yet. Now you do."

  "I'll be on the first flight to . . ." Parker said as he stood up.

  "The hell you are Parker. Crane and Baxter can ..." Chambers started.

 Parker replied, "I was there, Chambers. I was there when it happened. I only got a few scratches but she and Kyle . ... please."

  Parker and Chambers stared at each other for a full minute till Chambers chuckled. "You are a stubborn son of a bitch. You and Baxter go. Crane, since you are staying here with Negron, catch him up and start finding some leads to Cesar's supplier." Crane and Negron stood up and left the room. Chambers turned to Parker and Erin. "Get there, get Rose and get her out. Make it quick and as quiet as possible."

  "And what if we are facing down Cesar?" Erin inquired.

  "Then he should duck cause I will put a bullet in his head if he so much as touches Rose," Parker's words will full of confidence without a single hint of hesitation.

  Chambers chuckled again. "Well, you heard him. Get on the nearest jet and beat that bastard to her."

Parker nods and he and Erin run out of the room.

Kelsey Crusher Hospital, Room 541
July 7th, 2012
Condor Falls, NV

         Oh my god. What ...what am I seeing? The sky. The sky looks so beautiful. The purples ... the reds. Wait ... the stars. What is this?! What the fuck is going on? I can smell ... sulfur. Three moons? Who the hell is writing this dream? Why do I feel so ... warm? God, I feel ... the wind. And I see . .. I see ..

   It's face was round and purple. It's two eyes farther apart then humans. It hand, with only three fingers, rested on Rose's brow.

     WHAT THE FUCK IS . . .?!

  Rose wakes up from her hospital bed, gasping for air as cold sweat rained on her brow. Rose quickly looks around to her surrounding, with her vision slightly blurred. She rubs her eyes and looks around.

  Where the hell am I?

  Rose turns to her left as she sees a dozen roses with a small card. She takes the card and raises it to her face. She quickly reads the print:


          I love you honey.Hope you wake up soon. Daddy and I miss you.

                                               Love your little sister,


           P.S. Jassie's been on a fuckin' rampage since what happened. Please wake up if only to calm her down.

    "What the hell happe . . ."

   Flashes of memories fill her head. She sees her in a gun fight. Then she sees millions of stars. She sees Kyle going with her after Cesar. Then her head fills with thoughts of a weird silver substance dancing around her. She sees Kyle going in after Cesar as she kicks a guy in the face. She sees the weird purple-hued being. Then it all fades to white.

       "What the fuck?" I ... I was in an explosion. Dear God. Kyle. What happened to him? What happened to me?

    Rose quickly began to feel her face, her hair and even the rest of her body. Okay. Everything feels like it's okay.  Rose glances at her breasts and stomach. Oh wow ... they are definitely okay. I feel lighter too. Shit, I need to get blown up more often. Looks like I lost 10 to 15 pounds. God, Jasmine is gonna be so jealous. Still, I need to find out what happened and what's going on. I'd like to know where I am too. 

  Rose takes a minute to look around the room. She steps on her feet, feeling the cold floor on her toes. Awww . .. someone was nice enough to give me a pettie.  Rose glanced at the room and found a discarded newspaper. The Condor Times . . .. July 4th ...

  "2012?! What in the hell? Oh ... I need someone to explain this to me. I been knocked out for seven months?!"

   As Rose saw the nurse's button on a remote, a nurse walked into the room. She was carrying some white roses into the room. She looked at Rose amazingly.

   "You're ... you're awake! And you're standing up!"

  Rose replied to the nurse, "And walking around. Why am I in . . ." glanced at the newspaper again and looked back at the nurse, "Condor Falls, Nevada? Why is it seven months later? What happened to me?"

  The nurse nervously tilted her head. "Well, you should really talk to the doctor about that. Did you ... um ... just get up?"

  "Yeah. And I am sore. But please ... give me some basics, girl. Like, when did I get here? What happened to Kyle? And please ... if you know who gave me my pettie ... let me thank them. My feet never looked better."

 The nurse sighed, "You know ... there was a lot of people worried about you. You coming all the way from Scion City and all."

  "Well, yeah. Which is one of the reasons why I am weirded out by this. So, if you don't mind filling in the blanks," Rose asked as she turned to the close door. She opened it to see the mirror. As her hand went through her hair, Rose kept her eyes on the nurse.

   "Well, you see, after the explosion, they ended up bringing you here to fix you up," the nurse said. "Still, you look great."

  "I know. I thought most coma patients suffer atrophy if they  are under too long," commented Rose.

The nurse began to fiddle with the bouquet of white roses. "Normally yes. But your recovering is nothing short of ... miraculous."

  "I know, right?" Rose said as she finished her hair. Rose stood there, touching her stomach for a moment.

The nurse dropped the white rose to reveal a gun with a silencer. Rose smirked as the nurse talked. "You should have stayed asleep, bitch. Cesar sends his love."

As the nurse emptied two shoots at her, with a blinding speed that defiled logic, Rose flipped over the bullets as they shattered her mirrors and inbeded themselves into the closet and wall. Rose landed behind the nurse then rammed her elbow into the back of her assassin. Rose then kicked away the gun. With a quick twirl, Rose's left foot smashed into the face of the faux-nurse, breaking her nose. Rose smiled.

  Damn! I am on fire. Like I never was ... asleep.

 The assassin fell hard on the ground as Rose stood over her. The assassin reached out to the gun ahead of her but Rose pulled her up by her hair.

   "Okay bitch. Where's Cesar?"

  The assassin laughed."Doesn't matter bitch. You aren't leaving Condor Falls alive."

 Rose laughed back at her attacker. Then proceeded to kick her face to the floor; knocking the assassin out.

  "Says the chick who just got knocked out."

Rose immediately picked up the gun then began to examine her assassin for any clues.

   Okay. The id's probably fake. She was fairly convincing her job but she was stupid. Anyway, can't worry about that now. Knowing Cesar, he's probably near by, to make sure that I'm dead. Ah ... the men in my life. Still ... I lost seven months of my life and none of the team is here. I need to contact them.Damn! No cell on her. She was smart enough for that.

Rose was quickly checking the gun when two doctors came in; Doctor Grimes and a male doctor with a sharp jaw and blue eyes. Doctor Grimes' eyes were wide while the male doctor seemed to smirk at Rose.

   "Oh my god! You're awake." Doctor Grimes looked at the ground and found the nurse on the ground. "Wait! What happened?"

   The male doctor asked, "What are you doing young woman with that gun?"

  "Protecting myself," Rose said as she held up the gun at the two doctors. "I want to see id. And I want to see it now."

  "Young woman," the male doctor stated, "I think we can come to an understanding but you need to put down that gun and let us examine you."

 "I think you can kiss  my ass and tell me what i want to know," Rose barks back.

 "Miss, we will get the police and have you ..." the young male doctor started.

  "Asshole ... last I checked, I am an FBI agent for the United States of 'fuckin' America. I outrank any police in the state! Now ... I want some answers or . ."

  The male doctor yelled back, "Or you'll shoot us? Committing murder will land you in prison, FBI or not."

Grimes fearfully replied, "She just wants some answers.Let's give her the answers the best we can!"

  "Don't be so damn weak," the male doctor said.

 "Um ... I'm the one with the gun, remember doc?" Rose exclaimed.

 The male doctor quickly pulled out a gun from his pocket and began to shoot at Rose. Rose easily sidestepped the bullet to plug too bullets into the Male doctor. Just as the Male doctor fell dead, one bullet left his gun.The bullet ripped through Rose's shoulder but the woman did not move.

 The bullet went clean through and Rose felt the hot pressure from the newly made hole. Yet, before Rose can touch her new wound . . .

  What the . . .? Why do I feel cool all of a sudden?

   Silver liquid material began to secret from her shoulder, cauterizing the bullet hole. Within seconds, the bullet hole was no more. Grimes and Rose took a moment to look at each other then back at her shoulder.

  "What the hell did you do to me?" Rose exclaimed in slight horror.

 Grimes looked and went from fearful to smiling. "Enough of this flesh suit." Grimes' skin began to rip and tear. But instead of blood revealing itself, yellowish good dripped from the breaks till purple skin was revealed. The flesh of Doctor Grimes simply dropped and suddenly, a purple skinned being stood reveal.

   Holy shit! It's like that creature in my dreams! What the fuck is going on?!

  Grimes spoke with a slightly deeper voice. "Seems that the experiment is a success. Yes."

  "Screw your experiment." Rose emptied the clip on the being. She did not care about what significance it was of what she was seeing in front of her. She did not care how special this being might be. The gun was empty with the barrel smoking but the bullets seemed to have little effect on Grimes.

Grimes opened forth her arms and suddenly, Rose was blasted by a mysterious force that knocked her up against the wall. Rose slipped into the ground as Grimes approached her.

   "I am so happy that you finally woke up. It was getting so boring and bothersome to be within that flesh and bones this whole time. Now ... to take you to the Q'in base. Ta'lys will want to see you."

 Rose's head had stood down as she was collecting her thoughts.

   So ... I have lost seven months of my life. And during that time, I ended up in Nevada, got some kind of alien experiment done to me and Cesar is still after me. And this bitch thinks I am just gonna come quietly.

  From Rose's eyes, the silver liquid began to fall straight down from them, running down her cheeks.

   She's wrong! Dead fuckin' wrong!

 Rose's stomach began to leak a little as her robe was now partial covered, as was her shoulder and left arm. The silver liquid had move like vines around arm to create an armor covering around it. Slight barb stuck up, like thorns to a rose.Rose's hair had gone from its brown to a brilliant rose red. Rose stood up.

Dear God ... that hurt like fuck but felt a little good too.

 "Sweetie! If you want me to go with you ... you are gonna have to beat me. And I will tell you right now, that ain't happening!" Rose stood down, with part of her stomach and her left arm and shoulder partially armored up while more silver liquid seemed to be making down her legs.And now . .. her ultimate destiny was about to begin.


NEXT: Parker & Erin arrive to the hospital as it becomes a warzone. Cesar Monticello, his man and the mysterious Grimes all want Rose but what happens when this flower fights back. Find out next month.

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