Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tarantino Brings 'Django Unchained' to DC

     Announced mere hours ago at Comic-Con, prolific director Quentin Tarantino, will be doing a comic book adaption of  Django Unchained. Django Unchained is a western epic that set two years before the Civil War in the South. Django have a very harsh history with his masters which attracts the German-born bounty hunter, Dr. King Schultz. Schultz offers Django's freedom if he helps him catch the homicidal Brittle brothers. Django agrees but is focused on having his wife, who had been sold into the compound of Calvin Candie; where his plantation is turned into a hunting ground nicknamed 'Candyland' where slaves are the prey. The duo must face Calvin and his trusted slave, Stephen, in order to save Django's wife, Broomhilda with other adventures along the way.

   The comic will not only  adapt the movie but will be the entire original screenplay for the movie, turned into a 5 issue miniseries.

   Tarantino commented about the comic during Comic-Con today:

"We have worked out a situation where we're going to do a 'Django Unchained' comic. It's going to come out -- I think the first issue is going to come out a couple months before the movie opens and basically take the entire story of the film and do it as a comic book from beginning to end. What I'm really excited about -- not only do I love comic books, I always loved western comics in particular along with the superhero stuff. So I was really excited when it come up with doing a comic about the film. One of the things that I'm really excited about is that 'Django Unchained' is a big epic. When I write big epic scripts like 'Kill Bill,' there's a lot of stuff that doesn't make the movie because they're too f-ing big. They'd be four hour movies if I did everything that was in the script, so there always is this aspect that the script is this big literary piece that I'm always taking it out and changing it and transforming it to make it a movie by the time it's all finished. That's the process, I'm always adapting my movie every day, my unwieldy script into a movie every day as I do it, but what's really cool about doing a 'Django Unchained' comic book is that it's the entire script. Even though things might have changed in the movie, I might have changed something else, I might have dropped chapters, I might have dropped big pieces -- that will all be in the comic. The comic will literally be that very first draft of the script. All that material that didn't make the movie, all of that will be part of the piece. And I'm really excited about it. So, be looking out for 'Django Unchained' in a comic book store and 7 Eleven near you!"

The movie will feature Jamie Foxx as Django, Kerry Washington as Broomhilda, Christopher Waltz as Schultz, Leonardo DiCaprio as Calvin Candie and Samuel L. Jackson as Stephen.The movie hits theaters this Christmas.  Django Unchanged #1 will hit stores this November in both print & same-day digital.

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