Monday, July 16, 2012

Toon Vengeance 7-16-2012

Toon Vengeance is back ... with some slight modifications. Reactions have been good so far but would love for people to be more vocal. Please ... feel free to comment below.

And now for "I Can't Believe It's Not Toonami" aka Toon Vengeance.

We start with a new show,  it's the first episode of

Next, we go back for more Ronin Warriors, Episode 2: 

Things go from bad to worse as we go into Gundam Zeta, Episode 2: 

Time to share some laughs & some fists with Getbackers, Episode 2:

We hit the stars with guns a blazing and ships a blasting in the 2nd episode of Outlaw Star:

(Suggested by Derrick Jones) We get a little magical girl with the one and only, Sailor Moon Episode 01:

Fists, Fighting and Furious Females and males take over High School in Tenjo Tengue, Episode 2:

And We end on the Haunted High School note with the second episode of Ghost Stories:

And That is it for now. Toon Vengeance will update again later this week. Till then, Happy Monday all.

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