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Under the Net #17

Under the Net with Jake Estrada

Boston Metaphysical Society

Welcome to the 17th edition of Under the Net.

I will be rating the elements of the book on a scale of one through five.

One is poor, two is mediocre, three is fair, four is good, and five is excellent.

A Steampunk Supernatural Mystery

Six-Issue Mini-Series Web Comic

Written and Created
By Madeleine Holly-Rosing

Art By Emily Hu

That is what you first see when you go to the website about this comic. What I found interesting about this book was that it had a very League of Extraordinary Men vibe. It had most of the leading scientists of the late 19th century.

The Art

The art in the comic is fine, and it is done in full color. The style is quite modern, and I think from what I saw, it is quite nice. I’ll say that the art does have a manga kind of style, but it is rendered nicely. 


The Writing

From the first 10 pages I read, the story moved along swiftly, and we learned a bit about the teams but nothing else. It was close to erupting, and I only wished it got to the brunt of the story faster because this slow read can lose readers. I will have to come back soon to see what else is updated. I know I didn’t know much; it just reminded me of reading The League from Alan Moore.



Well, like I have said, we have seen this type of gathering, but with literal characters of fiction. Now we have actual historical people, and it felt very Alan Moore-ish to me, not that is a bad thing. However, it felt like I’ve seen this so far, and I only wished I could see more.


The Pros

If you like Alan Moore-type settings without that Alan Moore voice, come and check this book out.

The Cons

The start is slow; I wish it would move along much faster. I haven’t seen much steampunk considering it feels more like early Americana to me in the way the story moves. I always thought steampunk was a completely different universe with futuristic weapons that ran on steam. I have yet to see this.

My Final Word

If you like Steampunk and mysterious ghost stories, check this comic out.

The comic can be found here:

Enjoy folks!

Jake Estrada

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Jake Estrada is a published author who holds degrees in Multimedia Design and Criminal Justice. He is a father to three wonderful children and married to his beautiful wife, Beth. You can find his comics at and other fine online stores.

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