Thursday, August 2, 2012

CoW: Cover of the Week 8/1/12

Hey there comic fans, YTC is back with another CoW. This week I present you Shadow #4. The art work for this cover is amazing. That's no surprise, as the cover art was done by Alex Ross. I'm most famillar with Ross' work on DC's limited series, Kingdom Come. But some of you guys may remember that the Voltron #1 cover from a few months back was also done by Alex Ross; offcially making him the second artist to win the Golden Udder twice. The first being Francis Manapul.

Ultimately, the choice for CoW came down between Shadow #4 and Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe. While, Deadpool holding the head of the Hulk in his hand was a total 'wtf how' moment, the detail and painted method of Ross won out. I was marveled just looking at the guys nose. The detail that went in to the imperfections is marvelous. I mean even the smoke has a certain swagger to it. Shadow #4 is definitely the unanimous victor this week.

Runner Up

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