Thursday, August 2, 2012

Top 10 Alternate Universe Gundam designs

Article by Jeremias de Leon

Finally, my mecha loving brothers and sisters, I am back with another mecha related article. This time I'm back with more Gundam related stuff. Moving away from the Universal Century into all those alternate universes with, my top 10 Gundam designs in alternate universes. Will anything from SEED be on the list?

Here we go!

Number 10

AGE-1 Normal

Very much like the original Gundam eh?
The AGE-1 Normal from Gundam AGE essentially is the original Gundam's design with tweaks made to make it more likable to today's generation. Most alternate universe lead Gundam's usually do take the RX-78's design and add to it.

That's why this design works it took what made the RX-78-2 iconic but added it's own uniqueness on top of it. The design looks more like it's a product of modern technology with the A made from a screen in the middle of it's chest. Also the more slender arms and legs and the way the whole Gundam looks like it was manufactured by a computer company.

Number 9

GF13-001NHII Master Gundam
LOOK! The east is burning red!
Master Asia's Gundam in G Gundam has a good design as an antagonist Gundam thanks in large part to it's color scheme, Dark colors with bits of red all over certainly make it look like it's not here to bake cookies. The protruding parts on different points of its body also give it an intimidating look. There's also the head unit that has protruding sections and the type of wings that almost seem devilish.

It's the type of design that instantly gets recognition and that's what you want.

Number 8

OZ-13 MS Epyon

Can you tell this can turn into a dragon?
Like the Master Gundam the Epyon is another antagonist that gets most of the "bad guy vibe" from it's color scheme. Very different from the lead Gundam color scheme of red, white, blue and yellow. This Gundam however takes it further than the Master Gundam did with the design of it's body. It has even more devilish looking wings, a whip that can also be a tail due to it's dragon motif as a mobile armor, what can be seen as claws on it's hand legs and arms that not only have protruding parts but a very segmented serpent looking design to it. 

It's not only a design that works but it's also one that makes people want to have it as well, it's not just villainous looking it's appealing.

Number 7

GAT-X207 Blitz Gundam

Don't get me wrong I don't care for SEED
Yet another villainous Gundam in this countdown. I have to admit they know how to design the villain mobile suits right in pretty much all the Gundam series. Even SEED and SEED Destiny, which, while I personally don't care for I will admit has some great designs.

The Blitz Gundam gets most of my praise for it's color scheme. It's a very sleek looking Gundam, and if it had a personality you can tell it would be the kind where it's all about business and doing what it needs to, however it needs to do it. The V fin and the shoulder blades sticking out as they do really helps to give off that kind of feel. The Blitz Gundam stands out to me among the many Gundam designs as something that's just plain cool, I admit I want the master grade of it.

Number 6

XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero

Did you know you can see the Wing Gundam at the end of G Gundam?
The Wing Gundam like the Gundam Age takes the RX-78-2 and adds upon it. But where the AGE didn't add a whole lot the Wing added more and made its design its own. It has a shield and rifle like the original did but they have much different designs, it also adds wings which look more angelic than devilish, unlike the Epyon. The wings looking that way are much less subtle in the movie Endless Waltz

The Wing Gundam does what it should do, look like it's meant for military use (though not realistic military use) and look decorated so the kids want to buy it.

Number 5

XXXG-01D Gundam Deathscythe 

A lot of peoples favorite
My personal favorite Gundam in Gundam Wing the Deathscythe. Where the Epyon does its design well with having a motif, I feel the Deathscythe does even better. With the Epyon you have what looks like tails and claws and some awesome looking wings, but to a random onlooker they can guess anything from a serpent to a demon if they didn't know it's supposed to be a dragon. With the Deathscythe there's no way you can not guess what it's motif is.

A very unique protagonist Gundam having a weapon like a scythe and a more typically villainous color scheme of black and yellow and little bits of red. Though the white it has offsets and villainous vibes it might give off. Which I have to say is another reason I like the design, for something usually seen as "bad" like having a motif based off the grim reaper its design still lets you know it's not necessarily a villainous robot.

Number 4

ZGMF-Z20A Strike Freedom

What's a SEED Destiny Gundam doing so high on this list? Remember I'm only talking designs here. 
The Strike Freedom just looks appealing, especially to a mecha obsessed kids eyes. It has a gold inner frame, the dragoons look pretty sleek and catch your eye with it's bits of blue and red and the shoulder and skirt armor kind of give it a look of a knight. This Gundam looks heroic and for kids buying toys it's important to look heroic. I don't care much for Kira Yamato this is true but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want the perfect grade of this, if I had the money.

Number 3 

AGE 3 Gundam 

It looks like the ZZ what's up with that? Huh? Oh, it's supposed to?
Like it's Universal Century cousin the ZZ the AGE 3s design works because it looks like a powerhouse. But actually I believe I have to give more credit to the AGE 3 because unlike the ZZ Gundam it looks more balanced. It doesn't look clunky despite it's size. Almost as if the large legs and shoulder are more like its armor than the machine just being huge. The AGE 3 not only gives homage to previous Gundams, especially the ZZ but adds its own unique spin and because of that it doesn't just come to your mind as "that knockoff" but as it's own Gundam.

Number 2 

GX-9901-DX Double X Gundam

Piloted by someone who's sane believe it or not

The Double X Gundam is different for a lead Gundam. You may seem some protagonist Gundam have black in it's color scheme like the Deathscythe but not really for a lead. It helps it stand out among the many lead Gundams in the alternate universes. The back pack also being a powerful weapon helps it move toys and the green centerpiece catches your eye. Also, if we were in a world where the military created giant robots with crazy powerful weaponry I can actually see the Double X in it's ranks. 

Number 1 

GF13-017NJII God Gundam
The God Gundam and the Wing Gundam have a bit in common. Both have wing like parts and both have gems in their chest. Also both are of course based off the RX-78-2. Why is the God Gundam number 1 then? Well, yes it has wings but it's wings are a lot more unique and yes it has a gem, but for the God Gundam the gem seems to be there for a reason, seen when it goes into its super mode. It also has extra parts added like other Gundams based off the original to give it's own unique flavor but unlike a lot of those other Gundams all those extra parts are there for a reason we see what they do. The wings, and the gem are used for it's super mode and what look like claws on it's arms are used for it's attacks. 

This design not only looks good like all the previous designs do and some may even look cooler but this design wins not only for it's looks but for its practicality. Again, going to toys what attracts kids isn't just looking cool but it's playability and with all the things the God Gundam can do with it's parts it's something that will sell to them. 

Well, that's it for my top 10 Alternate Universe Gundams, what do you think? What are your favorite Gundams? 

But before I get out of here, here are two honorable mentions: 

Gundam X
AGE 2 Gundam

Also, what would the Turn A Gundam fall in to you? Universal Century or Alternate Universe? By the way I love its design. 

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  1. Turn A I would consider alternate universe due to it being int he "Correct Century" timeline.

  2. Technically speaking, wing units are only aesthetically beautiful yet rots in functionality and technical aspects. Pfft.... No idiot is going to an all out war carrying a sycthe some beam weapons. Yet, many idotic fans are decieved with this shit.

    As much as I sense your hatred towards seed, the feeling is mutual, I despised the mediocrity of Gundam wing- wondering why there's no units from gundam 00 season one since they are more realistic in a REAL military combat. No don't get me wrong, I still had my loyalty towards Unicorn and 08th Ms team.

  3. .... Cause Heavyarms doesn't have practical application? You can debate whether or not Wing's units are feasible/believable in combat. As for its quality, I loved it.