Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ellis's Gun Machine Bought By Fox For Development

  Warren Ellis has become a legendary writer to many within the comic book industry. Like many other writers, he has also done novels and other literary works. His recent novel, Gun Machine, has been taking fans by storm. So much so that now Fox has decided to pick it up and develop it into a television series.

   Gun Machine is a thriller about a New York City detective who stumbles onto scores of guns that are connected to hundreds of unsolved murders there were originally seeming unrelated. Gun Machine's television adaption will be produced by 2oth Century Fox TV Studios and Chernin Entertainment. Trauma creator Dario Scardapane will be writing the television adaption while also being an executive producer alongside Ellis, Peter Chernin and Katherine Pope. Ellis reacted to the news on

“Chernin and Fox pursued Gun Machine with great passion and intelligence, and I couldn’t be happier to be making this show with them,” Ellis said.

 Gun Machine, the novel, is in stores now.

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