Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kickstart Bleeding Ink's Patriot

   What happens when you are a god-like super hero . . . and you found out that you were gonna die within weeks? That is the main pitch and plot line behind Jesse Grillo, writer for many books in Bleeding Ink Comics, deals with in Patriot. Slated to be a 4 issue miniseries, you find the main character dealing with an incurable brain tumor. He works on his unfinished business before passing away. And that has put him into a moral battle as he decides to kill his no killing ban in order to take out any potential threat no other hero can stop before he dies.

   This conflict only  get messier as he must deal with not only what he plans on doing but his friends turning on him and the shame he brings upon the son he is leaving behind. If they make their minimum goal of $4,000, they'll be able to produce the miniseries. If they get $8,00, the miniseries will be colored.  Another incentive is that Grillo offers multiple incentives and access to art just by making a minimum pledge.

  Here are some more details in Grillo's own words:

After finding out about his disease and much thought, Patriot comes to the conclusion that drastic action must be taken before he dies. For years he has battled super-villains that no other hero can stop and no prison can hold. While Patriot has never killed or inflicted unjust harm he comes to the conclusion that the only solution is to kill those that could take over the world when he is gone.

Patriot has to explain this decision to his son as well as his teammates. His son tries to talk him out of it while other heroes try and stop Patriot by force. Patriot must now go against everything he believes, battle his friends and deal with the shame given to him by his son to do what he believes is the greater good. 

 If you want to make a pledge and full details on the project go to Patriot Kickstarter. And help make this book a reality.

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