Monday, August 13, 2012

First Impressions: Bloodshot # 2


Bloodshot # 2
Bloodshot Part 2: Get Your Gun
Written by Duane Swierczynski
Art by Manuel Garcia, Arturo Lozzi & Matt Ryan
Valiant Comics

Reviewed by Frankie Rodriguez


  To find out what you need to know about the first issue, look at my Bloodshot # 1 review.


   Bloodshot is getting shipped to a military base ... still his delusions, which he realizes are delusions during the course of the story ... make him wake up and take down his captors. And why I say taking down his captors ... he literally rips off the arm of one of them and forceably crashes a plane. His former handlers in Project Rising Spirit decided that he was too dangerous to stay alive; Mr. Oreck orders that Bloodshot and Dr. Kuretich to be taken out. So, it looks like they are about to send out a ... mysterious woman after Bloodshot.

   Meanwhile, Dr. Kuretich goes over the data that he and his men swiped from Bloodshot's brain; revealing another horrifying secret about Bloodshot and what Project: Rising Sun has done with him. And Bloodshot "commandeers" an ambulance ... along with a nurse.


    Oh  my god the art! The art in Bloodshot # 2 is just as good as the first issue. Like the first issue, it dazzles you with bits of human scenes and lots of violent gore. This book is NOT for the squeamish. There are panels where Bloodshot literally pulls off a soldier's arm. And it is not pretty. And that ... THAT ... is what makes the book stand out. Garcia and Lozzi's pencils are very vivid; full of emotion and mood. Sure, there is gore. But  the pencils and inks by Matt Ryan help bring new dimensions to this story with images of people that Bloodshot 'supposed to " have loved amongst the carnage.
   The imagery is very gruesome yet the art team does a great job bringing forth great images. There is a action movie/ conspiracy flick feeling to the book that Garcia, Lozzi, Ryan and colorist Ian Hannin excels at bringing readers.  From touching moments, to dark secrets to action ... this book's art team gives us what we want in spades; tailoring scenes that were fit for movies.


    Duane Swierczynski's writing is extremely strong this issue. For all the blood soaked action, there is a lot going on. So much so that readers may not catch it in the first read. From the heart-tugging, yet horrific beginning, to the pulse pounding action, to the revelations given, Bloodshot # 2 brings you a deeper scope of how bad they messed up Bloodshot and how far Project: Rising Spirit is willing to go.

   The touches with Bloodshot's powers were also a very clever revelation as we got several uses of his nanites other than healing this issue without being straight out told what Bloodshot's powers work. Kudos for Swierczynski for that.

 My only issue with this comic is that this comic is a whirlwind. There are so many visuals of violence and so much is happening. It feels like a full issue but you really do not slow down till towards the end of the issue. The revelations, the escape, Project: Rising Spirit's scheming . . . readers will be a bit daunted on the breakneck pacing of the issue. Still, Swierczynski gives us a character that is deeply troubled; wanting answers about his past with readers along for the ride. Readers know more than the title character because of what Dr. Kuretich found. And with Bloodshot looking for answers, Swierczynski guarantees readers a ride they will never forget.


    The breakneck pacing of what happens in this issue is the only real thing that holds this book back. Otherwise, Bloodshot # 2 was a solid read. The art was amazing. The writing was really good. If you are not a fan of military conspiracies or gore, this might not float your boat. Yet, if you look along with everything that goes with it, you will find a complex story, full of raw human emotions being tampered with alongside deep secrets that you just want to see revealed; and a main character you may both empathize with and be horrified of. And that is a truly rare mix.

  Bloodshot # 2 gets a 4 out of 5. While not  perfect, a great follow up to the stunning first issue.

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