Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Harbinger #3 review

Hello once again and welcome to another comic review here on The Broken Infinite. This time we're back with issue 3 of Harbinger. So is Peter Stanchek's continuing adventures still worth reading? Bit of a warning this review is going to seem compact because since this is issue 3 it's assumed that issue and 1 and 2 have been read.

Review by Jeremias de Leon


Issue 3 sees Pete agree to go with Toyo Harada to his Harbinger foundation. While there he speaks a little with Harada and Harada speaks to the bleeding monk about Pete's fate to become the harbinger. This issue basically focuses on Pete starting his life in the foundation. After we see the previously mentioned dialogs Pete is shown going through his first day of school or what is supposed to be something like. During his first day he meets some of his instructors, classmates. and takes a dive into his psyche. Pretty much all I can say without giving the whole book away.


The art is pretty decent. It's not extremely realistic and yet also not extremely exaggerated and cartoony.  It's a nice middle ground and for this kind of story it works. The effects are done well also, the powers are shown with a cool flair that draw the eye, which of course, is the point. So I applaud the art.


If you haven't read issues 1 and 2 you'd most likely be lost with why these characters do what they do. But you do get more insight into why Pete is the way he is and why he acts like he does toward the other characters. The characters that were introduced in this issue didn't really have a lot of time to be fleshed out so I'm not really going to give judgment on them.


Harbinger is taking things a bit slow but I can see why, it really wants to make sure that before all the epic moments happen you actually care about what's going on. I do wish the pace was just a little faster however.

Harbinger issue 3 gets an 8 out of 10.

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