Saturday, August 25, 2012

Image Gives 20 First Issues Of Their Titles ... FOR FREE!

   Announced today from Image Comics, the company has decided to release 20 of the first issues and/or jump on points of their best selling titles on Comixology. The kicker here is that these titles will be for FREE! Yep. FREE for digital. These titles are the shining examples of Image's current Indie Comics Renaissance. And just to add to the incentive of these new titles ... they will be free digitally ... PERMANENTLY. Yes.

 The titles apart of this initiative are as follows:

Thief of Thieves
The Manhattan Project
Mind the Gap
Alpha Girl

Creator Owned Heroes
Hell Yeah
Danger Club
Hoax Hunters
Peter Panzerfaust
Epic Kill
America's Got Powers

No Place Like Home
Grim Leaper


  Once again, this move, alongside the recent announcements that Ed Brubaker, Grant Morrison and even Rob Liefield will be dealing with indy books for the foreseeable future, Image is looking to beat out the Big Two. And from recent sales and indicators ... they just might do it.

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