Thursday, August 9, 2012

Legends of Eden- Series Introduction

Welcome to a place called Eden. It's a place where humans, aliens, and everything in between lives in harmony. Or so it would seem but of course that's not all true there are rivalries, fights, and even wars between the people who live here. Though important for now we are going to start at the beginning of Eden and how it all it developed into the nation it is today.

It all started back when Christopher Columbus first made his voyage to see if he could get to India another way then around Africa, but there were some stowaways on board, trying to escape from the harsh lives they had in Europe. But when they see one of their own get stabbed and thrown overboard for being caught; they realized that the captain was not forgiving to stowaways. Frantic, they decide that the only way to survive is to abandon the ship that night while the rest of the crew was asleep. As the crew slumbered the stowaways stole two lifeboats, a star chart, and some of the food to eat and tried to get to India on their own. Though the plan was quite flimsy they believed it could work, but only a few hours out at sea and a
storm came, knocking them off course and sinking the lifeboat with the star chart leaving the other life boat to wander aimlessly about the sea.

After four days the remaining stowaways finally make it to land and what they see is a beautiful and quite large island filled with fruit trees, fresh water springs, and kind and gentle animals. In turn the stowaways call this island Eden for its uncanny look to the description in the biblical paradise. While searching the rest of the island they come across something they never thought they would ever see. They saw aliens in a base and once discovered the aliens want to send the humans back to their homeland but because of one of the alien's quick thinking, she convinces the other to let the humans stay.

It turns out that Eden is actually an alien outpost where aliens for other nearby planets come and watch Earth's inhabitants and record our history, language, and art. Waiting to see when the culture is ready for alien contact. However with this case the aliens use the humans here to be the perfect test subjects for human alien interaction in society that is not technically ready. Thus Eden was born.

As Earth and Eden grew on the mystical creatures discovered Eden and started coming to Eden to seek refuge from human oppression and hunting. With such a large population of differing sentient species living together, Eden had become a galactic tourist town, with aliens coming from all over to see the society that was being hidden from the inhabitants of Earth. Eden was so popular that some aliens would move there and soon a large city was built in Eden and the aliens start to select specific humans to live in Eden to keep the population ratio even. As the years went by and Eden's population settled, cross breeds between the three races occurred and many different beings emerged, but in these stories we are focusing on the legends of Eden.

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