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The Redeemers # 3

Issue # 3
Death Gods, Angels & Magicians
Created & Written by Frankie Rodriguez
Rated PG-13

            Several miles away, a red swirling hole of energy just popped up onto of a large skyscraper, over looking the city that Seraph is a part of. From the Red swirling hole, two figures pop out of it. Both dressed head to toe in black leather suits, but with different accents in each. The first, which was male, was accented with green. The second, a female, was accented in light blue. The female black garbed being walked forward; in her hands a bronze colored device that was square, with a screen and some buttons on the bottom had entered her hands.
            “We have come a long, long way,” stated the female, her voice dripping with venom. “The new king is here.”
            The man, who seemed to stand a full foot taller than the female, had marched over to her left flank. His hulking body was easy to see in these black leather outfits that covered all but their heads. Their faces were obscured by obsidian helmets. The woman spoke again with frustration.
            “We had nearly finished this. We almost succeeded in ending the Redeemers forever.”
            The man commented as he gazed out to the city. “The prophecy stated that their time was coming. We killed all the old candidates. Why would Ulthor come here?”
            The pair marched at the edge of the skyscraper they were standing on top off when the red swirling portal disappeared behind them. The woman slammed her fist into her other hand.
            “Ulthor was burning to death. He was trying to find the next monarch.”
            The man replied, “But he just jumped into the well of infinity by chance. The only reason we are tracking him was cause of . . .”
            “Do NOT say his name, Mordred. I hate that we have fallen in line with such a beast.” The woman’s voice was even more frustrated than the previous sentences. “Yet, he, like Ulthor, are not fools. Ulthor used the Eye in order to guide him here. Ulthor may have found his prey.”
            “So the Next Monarch may have already been found. Interesting,” mused Mordred with a hint of excitement.
            “We are not here for you to get off on beating the hell out of the Next Monarch. We are here to prevent the prophecy that HE told us when we first met. And we shall. The Redeemers will never come to pass. All we have to do is kill the Monarch . . .”
            Mordred quickly finished the thought of his partner. “And the Redeemers will not exist; saving our world.”
            “Yes my dear Mordred,” paused the woman clad in black leather. “It will save our world . . . for us.”
            With her last words, Mordred and the woman known as Morgana, quickly jumped off the top of the building and disappeared as a shadow covered them both; making it seem as if they never existed.
 _ _ _  _ _
The sun blasted into the windows of a classic 50’s style dinner that Seraph and Graves found themselves dining in. Graves comfortably sat as Seraph stretched out one of his legs as they awaited their orders. The waitress who had taken their orders kept eyeing Graves, yet Seraph found that the police detective was not give her much attention. Three looks from the waitress and Graves only winked at her once after the third attempt of her looking at him. Seraph chuckled inward, somewhat relieved that the police detective’s attention was on him, not the big busty waitress who was in the back waiting for their breakfast. Seraph glanced around the diner for a second time; nothing that he and Graves were one of only 12 people in the large diner. Their booth was nestled away from the other patrons and the few staff. Graves then knocked on the table; quickly making his companion to snap to.
“Hello? You awake there Summers?” inquired Graves with his oddly, creepy smile.
            Seraph shook his head to clear the cobwebs in his mind. His eyes connected with Graves, gazing deeply into the vast ocean of greenish gray eyes that belonged to the Carmel brown detective that was continuously ravaging his thoughts. A moment later, Seraph once again swung his head right and left. “I’m awake. Just tired. Will be fine once I get food. So, besides you following me cause I am your only link to your murder case, why are ‘you’ doing all this?”
            “Cause I’m hungry,” replied the police detective. Seraph was about to ask another question but Graves beat him to it. “Why do you think that man ended up going through your window?”
            Seraph rolled his eyes as this was literally the 20th time he has heard this question since he met this man. “I have no frellin’ clue.”
            Graves perched up his left eyebrow with a curious expression on his face. “Frellin.’ What the heck does frellin’ mean? How did that word even exist? Are you Hispanic?”
            “Half Puerto Rican,” Seraph admitted. “Part Black, Part White and half Puerto Rican. So I am a super mutt. And Frellin’ . . .” his voice lowered slightly, almost embarrassed to admit the following. “is from one of my favorite TV Shows.”
            “So wait . . . you say a word from a TV show. What does it mean? And I am interested in this whole super mutt thing,” Graves lightly mocked his companion.
            Seraph groaned. “I just like the word so I use it instead of cussing. It is like fuck or shit without saying fuck or shit. As for me being a super mutt, I have a very diverse family tree. But mom was Puerto Rican, dad was black and white. They got together and I popped out 9 painful months later.”
            “Ah, your mother had a difficult pregnancy huh?” Graves stated as he started to fiddle with the butter knife before him while waiting for Seraph’s answer.
            The waitress had came around with their drinks just after Graves finished his question, laying a coffee cup on Graves’ side and a large drink of apple juice on Seraph’s side. A straw was dropped to the left of Seraph’s juice which Seraph happily opened and began to drink his juice. The waitress quickly waved a hand through her hair as she gazed at Graves. Seraph turned his eyes on the waitress, his thoughts screaming in his head.
            ‘Oh no bitch. I saw him first. Wait . . . what the hell am I saying?’
            The waitress’s voice was sweet as she offered while looking directly at Graves. “Coffee is nice, fresh and hot. Is there anything else I can get you boys while waiting?”
            “Nah. We’re good for the moment but we’ll let you know,” Graves offered, giving his smile to the waitress.
            The waitress was not bothered by the smile and winked at Graves. She turned to walk away, letting the detective sigh.
            “You loved that didn’t you?” inquired Seraph as he took another sip of his juice.
            Graves countered, “You are just mad that your mom still bugs you about giving birth to you.”
            “For nearly every damn day of my life till she passed away,” Seraph remarked then glanced down.
            Graves replied, “She’s is a better place, you know.”
            “Yeah. I know. Still, I can hear her say ‘After all the pain I went through to get you into this world after nearly 29 hours of labor.’ She would never let me forget that.”
            “Probably cause of your big head,” Graves teased then took a sip of his coffee. “You were probably a big baby.”
            Seraph began to pout again. ‘Oh my god. What a jackass. Just pressing my buttons.’ He let out a breath. “I wasn’t that big but you must have had problems getting you through with your big feet.”
            Graves replied, “What?”
            “Like I didn’t notice your big ass elephant feet in your clown shoes.”
            Graves chuckled for a moment. “Ah. So now you got jokes.”
            “You started this little game,” Seraph stated, taking another sweet tasted of the apple juice in his large glass. “So you wanna keep this up Homey?”
            “You couldn’t take me on your best day, Summers,” proclaimed Graves confidently as he flashed his smile again.
            “You just think cause you are fine that I am gonna fall for your jedi mind tricks,” Seraph shot back, folding his arms. ‘Wait . . . I just said that I thought he was fine out loud. Oh fuck me.’
            “Why I appreciate the compliment Summers,” Graves comments smoothly, not a hint of worry, surprise or anger in his voice; speaking as he normally did. “It is hard for me to move in these big clown feet but didn’t stop you from thinking I’m fine.”
            “Well . . . I mean . . .” Seraph blurbed out, stuttering in embarrassment.
            “It is fine. Women and Men often tell me I am attractive,” Graves answer was stated in a matter of fact manner. Graves glanced at Seraph, whose cheeks were starting to resemble that of Santa Claus’s.
            ‘Of course they say how fine you are. You are freakin’ gorgeous. I  just am another one of your groupies.’
            Seraph’s thoughts were cut off by Graves’ next statement. “But none of them were nearly as attractive as you.”
            Seraph was taking drink to calm himself down while he listened to Graves only to project his apple juice onto the window to the left of him. Some of the patrons and other waitresses and waiters glance at their table after.
            “Wasn’t expect that, were you?” Graves asked  Seraph, locking eyes with him. Seraph began stammering so much he sounded like Porky Pig.
            ‘Oh my God! He finds me attractive. I should say something instead of doing my best Woody Woodpecker impression. But I think calling him a Caramel God would be a bit much. I have to ask him why he thinks I am attractive. And, most importantly, when does he want our wedding?’ Seraph’s thoughts danced in his brain only to be stopped by Graves’ next question.
            “So when are you gonna tell me about that silver, triangle medallion that you’ve been holding on to since we found you?”
            Seraph’s heart sank. ‘This whole conversation was a diversion. A diversion I fell for. Damn it. I didn’t think people could notice that I’m gay, not that I care that much.’ “How did you know that I . . .”
            “Had that pendent? Please, I noticed it earlier. Luckily for you, I am the only one who noticed that you had it. Figured it might be something that I can use to track down the bastard that threw our victim through your window. So, that is mainly way I am with you right now?”
            Seraph sighed as his embarrassment brought his eyes to look at Graves; his eyes full of fire with a mix of disappointment and anger. “Why the deception? Why did you flirt with me just now? How did you even know that I . . .?”
            Graves chuckled, “Oh please. I knew you were gay the moment I met you. How bashful you were when we met.”
            “I was fuckin’ naked,” ripped Seraph with a hint of edge in his voice; gaining a feeling of humiliation he had not known since he was in high school when Ishawn Sosa had pulled down his pants during his class presentation.
            “Yes but even that, you were comfortable with that till I mentioned it. Then you got all bashful.”
            Seraph hissed after taking the last bits of his apple juice, “You are an asshole.”
            “Aw. Be still my breaking heart. I am trying to solve a murder and that little token may very well be a clue,” Graves answered sternly. Folding his arms, Graves then commanded, “Hand it over.”
            Seraph dug in the left side of his pocket as his frustration and embarrassment were all but apparent. As he brought out the pyramid-like object with an eye engraved on it. As the waitress came over with the large tray containing their breakfast, Graves picked the object from Seraph’s hands, examining it.
            The waitress merely dropped Seraph’s platter, an omelets with cheese on top with sausage and salsa within; only to then carefully put down the plate of Graves’ food, which was waffles with a side of bacon. The waitress opened the syrup, cheerfully asking if Graves wanted any. Seraph rolled his eyes; partially in disgust of how she was throwing herself at the officer and partially to his own jealousy. After a quick nod, the waitress bent over, allowing her cleave to nearly slip away from their cloth imprisonment in front of Graves’ face who chuckled. Seraph’s face was nearly bright red once more; yet this time anger was the shade of this red. Graves noticed this only to quickly reach out with his left hand, grabbing Seraph’s. The waitress stepped back in shock while Seraph’s eyes began to bulge.
            ‘Oh my God. What the hell is he doing?! Oh god. His hand feels soooo good,’ thought the 30 year old Seraph.
            “What the hell is this?!” exclaimed the waitress in disbelief.
            Graves gazed deeply into Seraph’s eyes, who was just too stunned to merely do nothing but stare back at the police detective.
            “What does it look like? I’m having breakfast with my boyfriend,” responded Graves without a hint of laughter.
            ‘Did he just say . . . that I was . . . his boyfriend?’ Seraph’s eyes were nearly ready to explode onto the table. ‘I think I died and gone to heaven.’
            “Oh no! You are too fine to be a faggot. Listen, sweetie. You are just confused. You haven’t had good pussy before and I am more than happy to give you some so you can be with who you are meant to be with. Not this piece of ,” quoted the waitress with an air of arrogance and entitlement that would make Paris Hilton and Kanye West look tame. Graves was prepared to answer when suddenly a loud bang as the window shattered. Suddenly, blood fell as a three pronged hook embedded itself on the waitress’s  forehead. Graves and Seraph quickly turned to their left, gazing out the window as the waitress’s body was pulled through it and into what seemed to be a crimson vortex. As lightning shot through the vortex, a floating hovercraft was visible through the vortex.
As the vortex came through, Graves and Seraph could see two beings riding on them. They had were covered in some kind of bronze-hued armor while their skin was the color of an almost aquamarine in type. Both figures had lean bodies that would make most fitness buffs jealous at their perfect level of muscle and weight. Their arms seemed to have large gauntlets that had barrels and points protruding from them. Their eyes were blacker than obsidian found in the dark side of the moon. One was female with long hair that seemed to be made of cable wire than just sheered downward, with light sparks pulsing at some of her ends. Her breast, even with armor on, were bountiful.  The male on the other hand was bald. His armor a little heavier and his right arm out as he pulled the body of the waitress towards him and threw it onto the vortex. The vortex closed behind him as the female jumped down from what seemed to be a hoverboard.
The female opened a small panel on her right gauntlet, revealing a keyboard. Her face cold and near expressionless at first suddenly turned manic with a joy that can only be seen in kids on Christmas Morning or murders who take joy in their killings. “I am Narohon! We are here for the King!”
Narohon looked directly into the eyes of Seraph as she slowly stalked forward. Seraph was paralyzed for a moment after that proclamation as Graves was about to reveal his gun with his right hand; never noticing the gold glow coming from his left hand which held the Eye.
            A signal flashed red on his gauntlet as the beam pulsated on and off, over and over again. Another blue man, this time with red hair with silver on his left like a stripe, brought up his gauntlet to his chest and gave a smirk that shined his sharp, crème teeth. His armor was gold and silver with black pants and undershirt. His powerful arms flexed as he brought up a long, large bladed sword on his other hand. His void-hued yes gazed upon his companion, who looked like him but not as muscular and with silver and bronze armor and with blonde hair.
            “I am picking up signals from designates Bamepehiel and Narohon have arrived from Citdel World. They succeeded in cross over and finding The Redeemer designated King,” the red-haired being know as Ozasiel proclaimed. “We must join them and kill this new King immediately.”
            The blonde, blue skinned being known as Zotaruukreh replied, “I thought after dealing with the previous King would have stopped this one from emerging. And knowing those two, they will kill and destroy this entire city in order to kill off the new King.  We must prevent that.”
            “You are a Tencyhi’ Siber, Zotaruukreh. You are ordered to kill the King. The Chaos Mind reported that the best way to stop the Final War in our dimension from occurring is to kill the Redeemers. Once we kill this King and destroy the Eye, the Redeemers will Never be again,” commented Ozasiel with a dead calm.
            Zotaruukreh grunted in disgust. “Our duty does not mean the destruction of that many people Ozasiel. It is illogical and waste of resources.”
            “And that is where we differ, Zotaruukreh. We are those who bring order. We are those who will save our dimension. Our order is what saves our dimensions from war, diseases and famine. We must ensure it and the quickest and most thorough way of doing so would be to destroy the city if need be. Once this city is destroyed, the King will be dead and the billions upon billions of life we protect will be saved. Yet . . . if it will put you at ease, we will not go for that plan yet.”
            Zotaruukreh shivered by Ozasiel’s words. The blonde Tencyhi’ Siber commented, “Thank you. We do not need to waste our resources if we are engaging the enemy at close proximity.”
            Qzasiel nodded then took a step forward. “It is time. It is time we end the Redeemers and save all universes from them.”
            Inside the abandoned building they stood in, Ozasiel turned around. As he exited the building, Zotaruukreh stayed behind for a moment.
            “By the Creator, let this course be the right one.”
            With those last words, Zotaruukreh clenched his fists then ran off after Ozasiel; preparing to join their comrades in battle against their target; Seraph Summers.
            Riley Raymond was sprinting down an alleyway. The sweat beading down his face as he zigged and zagged through a group of alleys. Riley was running. He was running. Running from two people.
            Riley stopped for a moment, giving quick glances behind him and either way as he made it into a cross path. Riley wiped the sweat on his dark brown brow with his arm as he breathed hard.  “Ah … I … seem to have lost them.”
            Riley put his hands to his knees while catching his breathe. Yet, as he looked forward, he could see a translucent figure ahead. It was a shape of a woman. Morgana  had teleported in fully; giving Riley a dark smirk.
            “Damn! I am usually into fine ass women chasing me but for you, I’ll make an exception,” Riley stated as he was about to turn around. As Riley did, he froze at the site of Mordred behind him.
            “You are not going anywhere … Bishop,” proclaimed Mordred
            “Um … Bishop ja nai. Watashi wa Riley,” Riley introduced himself to the helmeted figures in Japanese. Morgana took her scanner on her arm and pressed some buttons.
            “Oh … you are indeed the Bishop of the Redeemers. Well … you were. Do you know about the New King?” Morgana had began her question as she walked toward Riley.
            Riley smirked nervously. “Look. I’m not this Bishop dude. I’m not an X-Man. For God’s sake, no super heroes exist in this world. No one has super powers … except for maybe you two. Obviously, you got me confused with someone you guys know back from wherever the hell you came from. So if you don’t mind …”
            Mordred punched the wall of one building as he stomped towards Riley; breaking bricks, mortar and wood as his arm broke through it like a child breaking paper. “Silence! You will be destroyed. We shall kill you and the King and the Redeemers shall never come.” 
            Riley turned to his left but trips over a trash can in the alleyway. As Riley struck the hard tarmack, his face gazes upon the remains of a now dead pitbull; who looked as if it was shot and beaten to death. “Ah fuck!”
            Morgana and Mordred meet up in the corner of the intersecting alleys. Morgana presses a button on her scanner and her helmet disappears; showing the features of Morgana fully. Her eyes were shining purple with gold eye liner. Her ears per pointy at the end with multiple piercings. Her nose was pierced with a simple sapphire while her lips full. And her hair .. her hair was blond with purple streaks. Her eyes locked at Riley.
            “Your death shall come now … but not with out us sucking your power away.” Morgana began to point at Riley when he did the unthinkable.
            Riley touched the dead, pitbull carcass. After doing so … the carcass comes to life and attacks Morgana. It’s jaws  clenched down on Morgana’s left arm and tearing away from her suit. Morgana screamed, “Mordred !”
            Yet, before Mordred could get his hands on the dog, the reanimated pit bull began to bite into his shoulder.
            Riley took this chase to start running down the alley he fell on. The pit bulls green glowing eyes shining as he continued to bite down on Mordred’s shoulder. Morgana lifted her right hand and tapped the dog. Within seconds, the dead pit bull fell back down to the ground. As it hit the tarmack, the pit bull turned into nothing but ash.
            Riley ran out of the alley and bumped into a figure. This figure was a female. Her skin was blue. Her red, fiery hair was a nice contrast to her skin. On her arms were glowing, yellow tattoos. On her face was a long gold stripe down her right eye. She wore red armor with silver accents. With a smooth movement, she brought Riley behind her.
            The Tencyhi’ Siber warrior took out a hilt that has no blade. She stated, “Invoke the Divinity’s Fire!”
            Suddenly, the hilt that the female Tencyhi’ Siber had grew a blade made of white hot fire and gold light. Morgana and Mordred came out of the alley, gazing at the being; Morgana’s helmet was back on.
            Mordred barked, “Out of the way, lass. We’ve come for the Death Godling.”
            Riley whisper aloud behind the Tencyhi’ Siber warrior, “Death Godling? What the hell?”
            Morgana added, “What manner of being are you? Not human, obviously.”
            The Tencyhi’ Siber warrior woman took her sword and pointed at the two. “I am a Tencyhi’ Siber from the Citadel World. You are trying to kill one of the proclaimed saviors . ..  A Redeemer. That will not happen.”
            Morgana  and Mordred began to move apart, flanking Tencyhi’ Siber. “You know what we are doing,” Morgana started, “Which makes you dangerous. We’ll have to kill you too then.”
            “What is it with you folks and wanting to kill people?!” exclaimed Riley, popping his head up from behind his protector.
            “The Bishop asked you a question. I am curious to the answer as well,” the Tencyhi’ Siber demanded.
            Mordred chuckled then smacked his fist against the ground, creating several tremors at Riley and The Tencyhi’ Siber warrior. She quickly grabbed Riley and then opened her wings … which seem to be made of red and gold light. The four wings carried her and Riley off the ground; then the Tencyhi’ Siber warrior swiped up her sword, releasing several volleys of energy at the duo. Morgana and Mordred where thrown back. She then quickly flew away from the battle. Within minutes, the two had flown to the other side of the city where the Tencyhi’ Siber landed with Riley.
            Riley went to his knees and kissed the ground. “Oh thank you God. I will never doubt you again.”
            “God is certainly always watching you Mr. Riley,” the blue-skinned, angelic warrior woman stated.
            Riley winced a second. “Not that he wasn’t watching me before. But does that include when I’m in the bathroom?”
            The Tencyhi’ Siber gazed at Riley oddly, not understanding his comment.
            “It was a joke … mostly. I got a lot of questions but most importantly … What the hell is going on? Who the hell are you? What the hell are you?”
            The Tencyhi’ Siber gazed at Riley as she made the blade from her sword disappear and sheathed her hilt. She took some of her red hair and pushed it away from her eye. “ What is going on is that you are one of the chosen Redeemers; of the many beings prophesied to bring about change. I am known as Puriel, a Tencyhi’ Siber of  the Citadel World and the War Clan of the Divine.”
            Riley mused at her answer. “Okay … Puriel. Still doesn’t answer what a Redeemer really is and what’s that got to do with me? And why, all of the sudden, can I bring dead animals to life!”
            “You are the Redeemer known to be The Bishop. You will help the King and bring peace to the existence. As was foretold.”
            Riley folded his arms and cocked up an eyebrow. “Foretold by who? Miss  Cleo?”
            “By the ancient texts from my people, Bishop.”
            With a sigh, Riley replied, “Riley. Call me Riley. And give me more background on the Redeemers, this King and what I got to do with it.”
            “I do not know everything. The King is the one who will be able to show us the way,” Puriel answered, looking around.
            “The King huh? And who is this King?,” Riley asked as Puriel froze for a minute. 

            Puriel looked to him. “I am afraid you will find out sooner rather than later. We must go.” 

            “Go where?”

            “To the King, Bishop. To the King before it is too late.”

NEXT MONTH:  More Redeemers ...Seraph, Graves, Riley & Puriel vs. The Tencyhi' Siber! And what happens when Soldiers come a calling.

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