Thursday, August 16, 2012

Toku 101: Power Morphicon

Hello, and welcome to another one of Wheelchair21's Toku 101! In today's segment of Toku 101, I'll be talking about the Power Ranger convention Power Morphicon. The reason it's the subject of the column this week is the fact it's tomorrow and I'm already in California to attend! So anyways let me de-brief you on what Power Morphicon is, when it started and some of the cool things that have happened at past conventions, along with what's to come!


Back in either 2007 or 2008, Saban went to most likely Disney at the time to make this convention. The reason for PMC, was to celebrate Power Rangers' 15th Anniversary. Its location Pasedena, California where has stayed there since then. At the actual first ever convention it seemed to have barely been promoted; for the fact I didn't discover it till months after it took place. Along with what seemed to be small promoted convention for Power Rangers we had several guests and unusual panels. For example guests were Austin St John(Jason/MMPR), Johnny Yong Bosh(Adam/MMPR-Turbo), selective Red Rangers, selective Disney-Era Rangers and the cast of Operation Overdrive. Some of the more memoriable panels however contained "Forever Red", "MMPR", "Unsung Heroes", "PROO Cast" and a trending one, the "Bulk & Skull" panel!! Some of these panels are on youtube, so please check those out.

Power Morphicon 2, was held almost two years later and from what I heard it was to celebrate the MMPR Movie and Saban buying back Power Rangers. As for PMC 2, that was an amazingly larger success from what I had personally noticed. There were more Cast members on hand attending the event along several new panels leading to a better varity. New guests including the 2nd Set of Turbo Rangers, Erin Cahill(Jen/PRTF), Vernon Wells(Ransik/PRTF), Robert Axelrod(Lord Zedd), and Jason David Frank(Tommy/MMPR-Turbo,DT) along with some members of Kamen Rider Dragon Knights' cast. Newer panels were Dragon Knight, Turbo/in Space, Time Force, Voice Actors and a JDF panel that Jason Narvy(Skull) crashed...Just like Unsung Heroes at the 1st PMC.
And finally we come to Power Morphicon 3, which will be held this very weekend! This one is to celebrate, the Turbo Movie, the announcement of MegaForce and preparations for Power Rangers' 20th Anniversary. Just as for this year's event some Cast Attendees will not be returning for this event; like JDF, some of the Turbo cast, Erin Cahill, and the Dragon Knight cast. The new/returning guests are Johnny Yong Bosh with Eyeshine, David Yost(Billy/MMPR-Zeo), members of the Wild Force cast, the Samurai Cast, the debut of the MegaForce cast and members from Saban's other adaptions. Along with these guest members several "Gold Ranger" Events are being held like concerts, and the exclusive David Yost panel. These "Gold Ranger" Events are for members who decided on buying the VIP Ranked tickets...Which I personally stupidly chose to get and damn glad I did seeing the results it got me!

However I rather not wish to list the current schedule of panels and events at this time. My reason for this is because the schedule can change by the time I've finished this post prior to leave to attend. Anyways I for one say, PMC is overrated at this time for it has barely had enough time to mature. It's worth going because it's pretty much buyer beware. Reason I say that is I bought my ticket back last September, guests didn't start getting announced until March or April and it costs a lot of cash pending on where you live to get there. So for now look forward to news and updates from PMC3! To check out more info on Power Morphicon please go to:

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