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Robot God Akamatsu webcomic review

It's Jeremias back with another review! This time I'm taking a look at the webcomic Robot God Akamatsu. Written by James Biggie with art by Frankie B. Washington, Robot God Akamatsu is a webcomic that is a throwback to classic super robot anime series complete with retro manga-like art style.

Review by Jeremias de Leon


The story of Robot God Akamatsu is, like, the classic series it's inspired by it's about a robot saving humanity from evil giant monsters. Of course there's more plot to it than that. An inter-dimensional gate opens which lets a monster loose and destroys Boston. During this the main character Jin, is put into a coma for a year and during that year scientists are hard at work in making sure Jin and two other people named Adele Angavi and Connor Aleju. On top of the story on Earth with these people there's also a plot about where the robot comes from and the evil people invading earth from there. It seems there's more to the "Robot God" than people think. There's a lot building up here, so there's more content here than just robots smashing evil monsters. Though to be honest I would be just fine with that.


The art by Frankie B. Washington is quite something. It's definitely inspired by classic giant robot anime but it doesn't feel at all like it's trying to rip them off, it still looks like it's a unique style that belongs to him and not "Go Nagai clone #301", The black and white pages are quite nice with this style of comic in a way it lets the details stand out more. Your eyes get drawn to peoples features and the designs of the machines. Robot God Akamatsu itself looks like a giant robot from the 70s and since that seems to the point the design has done it's job.

All in all it's a really cool, stylish art style that leaves an impression


The characters in this comic are pretty quirky, and that's a good thing. None of them seem like they're bland or 2 dimensional which is can be uncommon in these types of stories. The main character Jin has plenty going on for him, he seems to be a bit aloof but also has a sense of humor. The other pilots are something as well, Adele is a strong no non-sense woman and Connor is a laid back guy but he also seems to have a work ethic as well, he isn't so laid back to the point of being incompetent.

Jin's father is a scientist but unlike most scientists shown in media isn't just some stuffy lab-coat, although he does always wear one. He shows to care for his son a lot and even shows that he, too has a sense of humor. The other characters although not shown too much do clearly show they're unique characters Frankie the other scientist who is close to his Jin and his father's friend is shown to be a kindhearted man and Jackie one of the mechanics/engineers is pretty distinct with his New Yorker/Bostonian/Irish(???) accent.


Robot God Akamatsu is an on-going webcomic that is a really fun read. It's building up to something great, the art style is great to look at, and the action is fantastic. If you're a fan of mecha like I am there really is no reason to not read this. I had a blast going through the chapters. It's a rocket punch to boredom go and read this right now you will not be disappointed.

Robot God Akamatsu gets an emphatic 9 out of 10.

You can read Robot God Akamatsu here

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  1. Wow, thank you so much for the review!! Frankie and I are thrilled that you like it!

    James B.
    Co-creator Robot God Akamatsu

    PS Jackie is definitely from Boston, so if you could her him talk, he'd have a "wicked pissah" Boston accent. ^_^