Thursday, August 2, 2012

Under the Net #19

Under the Net 
with Jake Estrada


Welcome to the 19th edition of Under the Net.  

Hey, everyone. I decided that I was going to go to to read a few of the digital comics on that site. This would lead others to check out this awesome site and learn more about other comics they may not have seen. The one comic I am looking at is Masks.

I will be rating the elements of the book on a scale of one through five.

One is poor, two is mediocre, three is fair, four is good, and five is excellent.

The Art

The art on this book looks like they took Poser or some other 3D art program, and they crafted the art. I must say it was interesting, but also very confusing as it felt more like I was reading a riddle from page to page and the art had almost nothing to do with the written story. I could be wrong, but that is my take on it. The images were nice but computer generated, and it gave it a mediocre look in my eyes.


The Writing

I assume the story was about the girl in the art. She talked about how she was wearing a mask and the writer went to great lengths to tell us that she was crazy and that people were performing tests on her at some asylum or hospital. I am not quite sure really because the story was done in a long drawn out riddle, and we only get to see that she was put under like she tried to commit suicide and they are trying to help her. She talks about hearing everything that is being said. So, I was even more taken back by the story, and I am on the fence because the story just read more like a poem that went nowhere. It is one of those comics that has a deeper meaning but left me wondering about the meaning of the masks. I know the story the way it was would end here for me, and I wouldn’t come back for a second issue.



 I guess it is original for the fact that there was a style about the masks one wears in life. However, I can’t say for certain if that was the story in this comic because it was one long riddle after another. I was lost, but I would think that maybe someone who liked riddle-type comics would enjoy this. What made it harder to see it as an original comic was that they used Poser for the images.


The Pros

The lettering was nice. I did enjoy the lettering because it was very polished.

The Cons

The artwork had that Poser look, so it was very stiff. It didn’t match what the written word was trying to convey and, on top of it all, the writing was done in almost a poem style that was very hard to follow.

My Final Word

If you like comics done with programs to make very realistic worlds, and you like to be confused and not get the message then maybe this is the comic for you.

To read the first issue go here:  

You can go to Septagon Studios website here:

Enjoy folks!

Jake Estrada

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Jake Estrada is a published author who holds degrees in Multimedia Design and Criminal Justice. He is a father to three wonderful children and married to his beautiful wife, Beth. You can find his comics at and other fine online stores.

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