Monday, October 8, 2012

Archer and Armstrong Issue 3 review

Hello readers on TheBrokenInfinite! This is Jeremias with a new review, this time I'm going back to Archer and Armstrong and reviewing issue 3 of the newly re-launched Valiant title. Before reading this I highly recommend reading my review of issue 1:

Review by Jeremias de Leon


Archer and Armstrong of course, picks up after the second issue where the pair are looking for more pieces of an ancient and powerful device and end up at a monastery where, as the comic calls them, "nunjas"reside. The story moves along at a brisk pace. It doesn't lag around in one area and for a comic like this, where it shines with it's action scenes that's a good thing.

You see a character from issue one come back, you see an old friend of Armstrong's as a nun helping the duo out and you see more from Archer's old sect though not all in the same place. More reveals on just what the sect's plans are and what they've been doing, we got to learn more about Armstrong, and we finally see Archer and Armstrong resolved to work as a team which is extremely important. For as few pages are in this single issue the story moves on very well. I have to say the pacing is well done here.


More of what I loved from issue 1 is back in here. The action scenes are well thought out and the characters look great when moving and fighting. Which is what you want to see in a comic like this where action is such a strong selling point. Refer to my review of issue one for more.


For my thoughts on the characters refer to my issue one review linked at the top. I will say, however that the titular characters do develop more individually and as a team.

Anyway, if you've been reading the previous issues of Archer and Armstrong then this issue definitely gives you a reason to keep going in this series. If only to learn more about Archer's former allies and to see how the duo continue to grow as a team.

Issue 3 of Archer and Armstrong gets a 9 out of 10.

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