Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dante vs. Bayonetta Chapter 3

Suddenly each demon bursts into a cloud of black ash with Dante watching.  He doesn’t know what to make of the scene.  The sudden elimination of his quarry doesn’t surprise him, but it does make him curious.  Dante waits to see if he can get a glimpse of whom or whatever took out the remaining six demons at once.  So far only he and one other person are able to defeat several demons at once.  Dante wanted see the person or persons, not to issue handshakes, but to let them know who he is.  Unfortunately, the newcomers remain hidden.  But if Dante were able to see them, he would see that the heavenly creatures have him surrounded.  They slowly move in with their staffs ready to strike him down.
“Now aren’t we being a bit rude?” said a woman’s voice.

The heavenly creatures look toward the beginning of the alley.  A statuesque woman approaches dressed in a shiny form fitting black outfit.  Long tassels, three on both arms, hung from straps just above her elbows.  They seem to look like strands of hair.  A gold talisman adorned the ends of them.  The woman’s hair was done up in a beehive-type style.  Red ribbons ran through the hair style with the ends flowing down the woman’s back.  An unknown inscription was written on the ribbons.  The woman stops next to Dante.  She looks at him.  To her, he appears to be transparent.  The same can be said for Dante if he were able to see the transparent figures around him.  The woman leans in close to Dante.  “He is rather handsome,” she says, and then she looks at the angels. “And you cheeky bastards were going to kill him before I had a chance to properly introduce myself.”  The woman steps away from the man.  The angels step with her.  Their focus is off of Dante and now on the woman.  The woman looks across the angels.  Then she strikes a sexy pose and crosses her arms out in front of her.  A pair of large handguns appears in her hands.  Another set of handguns appear on the heels of her high heel shoes.  The dark magenta guns are larger than Dante’s and more lavishly styled.  “Now then,” the woman pauses to use one of her guns to gently push up her glasses, “who’s ready for some…pillow talk.”
The angels quickly converge on the woman in black who leaps out the way to avoid their strikes.  After landing, she whips out a fast kick to the head of the angel closest to her.  She fires a shot from the gun attached to her heel as she followed through with her kick, striking an angel in the back.  She then stretches both out to her sides and fires a shot both guns, taking out another pair of angels.  More of heaven’s hosts drop down from above.  Several more appear on the ground in flashes of light.  The woman in black narrowly avoids a strike aimed for her head.  Then she throws herself into a barrel roll, avoiding a fast low strike.  As she twists her body, she squeezes off a few rounds disposing a few angels as she stood up.  Two angels rush the woman head-on while two more flank her from either side.  She leaps into a split over the angels attacking her from the front.  With her hand guns aimed down, she fires a shot at the angels passing below her while at the same time she uses the guns at her feet to take out the flanking angels.  The woman in black lands and strikes a sexy pose.  “Aw, what’s the matter?  Am I too much to handle?” she says with playful coy.  A couple angels show anxiety.  “Come on,” the woman beckons with one gun.  Twirling their staffs, the angels resume their assault.
Dante has been keeping track of the invisible battle around him.  Though he can’t see them, he can feel their energies moving about.  A couple times he could’ve sworn he saw something.  Dante assumed that it might’ve been the energy of whom or whatever’s around him.  He’s no stranger to this feeling.  He’s felt this when he entered the Underworld.  There were all kinds of energies flowing around him and, with a bit of concentration, he can hone in on them.  Of course that’s what he’s been doing all this time.

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