Sunday, October 7, 2012

First Impressions: Bloodshot # 4



Written by Duane Swierczynski
Art by Manuel Garcia, Arturo Lozzi & Matt Ryan
Valiant Comics


     At the end of last issue (spoilers) Bloodshot took a bullet in the head from one of the many soldiers after him with the help of a girl named Pulse ... who can give off electromagnetic pulses. Yet, it turns into a mexican stand off real quick as the nurse that was helping Bloodshot (and taken hostage by him) suddenly pulls out a gun; aiming at Bloodshot's persuers.

     With some background that Project Rising Spirit was not only manipulating Bloodshot but have used Pulse to take him down before, Pulse and Bloodshot are done with Project Rising Spirit. After a tense stand off in the hospital, Bloodshot and the nurse, who we come to find out is named Kara, convinces Pulse that they are not the enemy and they all have a common goal .. . taking down Project Rising Spirit.

     It's the 4th issue and Garcia and Lozzi continue to give us graphic and pleasing visuals on Bloodshot. The dramatic moments are full of tension. The blood attacks are as ugly as they should be. Along with Ryan's inks, this creative team are really starting to define the look and feel of this shoot-'em up, conspiracy book. Also, the artists did a great job in making Pulse look younger in the flashback provided in the story.

  The pencils and inks are sharp, distinct and full of life. Every panel matches the tone it needs to in the story. As usual, Garcia and Lozzi deliver in spades.


    The slower pace really worked for the story. The characters are really starting to get fleshed out as Pulse got a lot of development as well as seeing a different side of Bloodshot this issue . . . the charming orator that will sway you to his side.

    Swierczynski delivers a great chapter in this ongoing saga with Bloodshot.Yet ... there was a misstep this issue. Kara. Kara seemed to want to stay away from Bloodshot after everything that happened in the previous issues. Her defending Bloodshot out right and not just stop anyone from moving seemed off. Otherwise, Kara aligning with Bloodshot seemed to be a natural progression. Just seemed a bit too easy. Even with the deal that Bloodshot and she made in the issue, it just felt a little off.

   Otherwise, this was a strong issue.


    Bloodshot #4 was a good issue. The creative team gives a good showing with great art and an intriguing story with strong character development. Besides the one character misstep. Overall, Bloodshot delivers and delivers well.

I give Bloodshot #4 a 4 out of 5. 

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