Saturday, October 13, 2012

NYCC Comic News: Paul Pelletiers Returns to DC in the Seas of AQUAMAN

  With Ivan Reis moving over to replace Jim Lee on Justice League while Jim Lee moves to a new Superman title, many fans were wondering about the fate of the currently high selling Aquaman title being written by COO Geoff Johns. Who will now ride the waves of Arthur Curry? Former Marvel artist Paul Pelletier returns to DC to take over art chores on Aquaman starting with issue #15.

  And Pelletier hits the ground running as his first issue is part of the crossover with Justice League entitled, "The Throne of Atlantis" which will deal with the mysteries that have been hinted at since issue #1. Pelletier discussed with CBR as to why he came back and why he wanted to work with Geoff Johns.

"It wasn't anything against Marvel. I was having a great time at Marvel," the artist explained. "But I've said before the Geoff Johns and I have been ships passing in the night pretty much in the past. We've never had the chance to work together, so when this opportunity popped up, it was something I felt I had to put my foot down and go 'I want to work with Geoff.' This is my opportunity to do that, and I liked the idea of having a regular monthly assignment too. I had a blast with Marvel, but a lot of the stuff I was doing was hunting around for which project I was going to work on next. With 'Aquaman,' I'll be working on the book for a while, and that'll be very cool. But the main thing was the chance to work with Geoff . . .The biggest challenge is that since I'm just coming on the book, I'm getting thrown into the fire. Before I get a chance to really nail everything down and get comfortable with Aquaman, Mera and the other supporting cast, I'm also going to have the Justice League thrown in too. The period of adjustment is going to be pretty short. The most difficult thing will be doing justice -- no pun intended -- to the Justice League while really focusing on getting comfortable with Aquaman and his characters."

Pelletier debuts on Aquaman #15.

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