Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Closer Look at NYCC Bluefin/ Bandai Booth

At New York Comic Con Bandai and Bluefin has displayed a bunch of new items and a closer look at the Megaforce toys.

First Bandai has finally announced SH Figuarts MMPR Red/ Tyrannoranger from Zyuranger.  The original Mighty Morphin Rangers were a very anticipated team to made into Figuarts form and although only MMPR Red has been announced we should expect the other team members to follow soon.

We also got a surprising announcement for the SRC Operation Overdrive Drive Max Megazord/ Daibouken from Boukenger.  I wasn't expecting to see this SRC annouced because it looked like Bandai was mostly focusing on merchandising MMPR related products due it being the 20th of Power Rangers so its nice that they shown this.

Also announced was SH Monsterarts King Kong.  This version is based on Peter Jackson Version of King Kong so its great to see that people can have one to go alongside their Monsterarts Godzilla.

Lastly we got another look at the Megaforce toys that were shown at Power Morphicon earlier this year.
Unfortunately the Deluxe Megazords dont look as good as it did at the other convention but they still look decent.  What is strange though is that the Skyic Header bike has the helmet for "Hyper Gosei Great" so its possible that Datas has been scrapped out of the Megaforce footage but we will need to wait and see.  Bandai also displayed the new Power Rangers TCG.  Although nothing was announced about them besides that are going to be released via boosters and in starter decks.  Images given to me from from WereWolfFinder from source Tokunation.

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