Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tamashii Nations Day One Part 2

Due to the massive amount of news I decided to put the rest of day one news into a separate post.  Well lets get this started.

First we will finish off the remaining Figuarts that were announced later on the first day.  We can see a bunch of Kamen Rider Bikes which are the Ride Shooter (Ryuki), Den Bird (Den-O), Blade Spader (Blade), the original Cyclone (Ichigo), and the Zero Horn (Zeronos).  I personally dont collect the bikes because of their prices and that they take up too much space but its nice Bandai made these to go alongside the riders.  There were also special announcements of Iron Man and War Machine.  This is strange because Max Factory was already going to be making the Avenger Figmas but I guess you can't have too much Robert Downey Jr.  The last SHFs that were shown were other characters from Akibaranger such as Aoi-Chan and Delu Knight.

Mewtwo isn't the only D-Art that was shown at Tamashii Nations.  We also got a look at the final evolutions of the main three starters from Kanto; Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur. Its great too see that they are finally going to make some more Pokemon D-Arts and I am curious what else they are going to bring out in the line. The Pokemon D-Arts weren't the only new D-Arts that were announced.  Megaman Fans should be happy to see that Bass and Tremble were announced as well.  Also in the picture though we can take a glimpse of the alternate Megaman forms that he becomes when he uses the other robot masters' powers.  Source: TokuAnimeNews via Rangerboard/ Tokunation

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