Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Rolling Review: Ultra-Act Ultraman Tiga Sky Form

Ultra-Act Tiga Sky Form is great re-paint and slightly better reissue of Tiga. It's pros are its tighter joints, and better sculpted chest details. Another great feature is the extra array of Effect Parts. It's first blast effect is the repackage of Tiga Slicer that came with Multi-Type, next is the Tiga Freeze, and finally the Ranbalt Ray Bomb. The effect parts are interchangable with the Multi-type form, creating alot of ways to display the figures. Another cool thing is the first round bonus that came with the first wave release of the figure, the vehicle known as the Snow White. It's not shown on screen, but if you'd want to see a closer demo of the vehicle please go check CS Toys' display/demo of the Figure and Bonus Gift.

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