Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Archer and Armstrong issue 4 review

Welcome again, readers of TheBrokenInfinite to another review of the relaunched Archer and Armstrong. So far the series has been doing very well with the past three issues, will the 4th continue to impress?

Review by Jeremias de Leon


Without spoilers of course I will say the writing is really hitting it's stride in this issue. The action is starting to meld well with the comedy and neither are overpowering the other. It hits a perfect blend. What was being built up to in the previous three issues have paid off well here. We see Archer get into some great fights, we see Armstrong be funny and pull his weight around and we see a lot of revelations about what their enemies were after and about Archer and Armstrong themselves. 

This arc has ended and effectively started the new one with a new enemy to worry about. It's also a great touch to see all the explanations of the various skills and martial arts Archer pulls off, especially something not as widely known as Pankration.


The art is definitely consistent. Every single one of these issues have stayed the same quality without dropping even for a panel. With the action scenes in this issue it really has more of a chance to shine and it doesn't disappoint. Certain scenes near the end of the issue look especially cool.


This issue is another fantastic one. The mix of action and comedy in this make it particularly hard to put it down. Plus the reveals of mysteries and the arrival of new ones make this intriguing and does it's job of making you want to buy the next issue.

Archer and Armstrong issue 4 gets a 9 out of 10

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