Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bloodshot # 5 Review

The Rise and The Fall, Part 1
Written by Duane Swierczynski
Art by Manuel Garcia, Arturo Lozzi & Ian Hannin
Valiant Comics

Review by Frankie Rodriguez 


    This issue was a jump on point and the start of a new arc for readers after the blood dripping first 4 issues.  We got Pulse and Kara getting taking by a bunch of government agents. We got Bloodshot some how finding Kuretich and then leaving him .. . huh? We have an infiltration of a government building and we got some messed up soldiers at the end.

  Oh yeah. A tall, big granny named Gamma who is one of the scariest geriatric people this side of Granny Goodness.


  Lozzi and Garcia have become this book's ultimate team in terms of art. The visuals are always appealing or grotesque in a way that they should be. You will always find something appearing. there is this major tv show feel to the book which  really helps it stand out. Using that art with some classic comic book sensibilities, Garcia and Lozzi dominate panels with interesting pictures. People moving in ways they you don't normally see. Expressions that you see in comics done a little differently . This book really makes it self stand out artistically with little things.

   Again, Ian Hannin is doing some of the best coloring I have ever seen in any comic and I have been reading comics for over 20 years. Everything is bold, fresh and fit what ever mode and/or scene. The quiet scenes look straight out of a hallmark commercial while the gore is just what it needs to be ... disgusting and violent in color and in look.

  Special kudos though goes to letterer Rob Steen. this distinct lettering of the group of soldiers in this issue add to the groups creep factor and very sterile look . The normal letter looks great with the dialogue with a bit of flare but the lettering for those soldiers help make them and the words sound and feel creepy. Great job to the entire art team here.


     Duane Swierczynski. This is usually where I start to praise him for his work. And I still will but note that they were be a distinct different. There was a lot of solid writing this issue. Gamma is creepy. The new soldiers made me feel creeped out. The conversation between Kara and Pulse was good and fell authentic. Bloodshot continues to show many facets while still not knowing who he is. His want for vengeance seems to be tempered by his intelligence ... making him stand out.

   The book was paced very well except there is one issue I have with this book. The scene with Kuretich and Bloodshot.  While I understand the overall reason as to why the scene exist it feels like an awfully  big jump to have Bloodshot already find Kuretich with ease and treat him as a lesser character after all the build up of Kuretich during the first 4 issues. It was kinda of saying "Hey ... this character ... he's important but just enough to give the hero stuff after I hyped him up to be so much more."  There is a possibility that we will see more of Kuretich. Yet, the fact that Bloodshot found him ... by himself ... and then was able to meditate with ease kind of bothers me.

    Oher than that misstep, this was a solid issue. Plenty of tension while developing Bloodshot, Kara and Pulse all as characters. The new threats feel ominous and over all, the book was paced well. Just that one scene feels so out of place.

Hence, I give Bloodshot #5 a 3.5 out of 5. It was a good issue but it could have been great. Still, I will still be reading and looking forward to more.

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