Monday, November 5, 2012

Comic News: 52 Covers For Justice League of America #1 Plus 2 New Spin Offs

Your Brand New Justice League of America . . . Thieving Pussy Included.

  Yes, Infi-knights. You read that correctly. 52  Covers for Justice League of America #1 when it debuts this February  The title will spin off of DC's main book, Justice League as well as be written by Geoff Johns. Artist David Finch will be artist. But here's the thing. The 52 covers will not represent the DC New 52 (which by now has grown a bit since the cancellation of over 15 titles only to replace them) but actually the 50 states of the United States with 1 extra cover for the commonwealth of Puerto Rico and 1 extra cover for the US capital itself, Washington ,DC.

   This announcement came from Dan Didio from MTV Geek He told them the following about the covers and why DC is launching that with 2 other spin offs:

"We've done a lot of great things with the 'New 52, and now we're putting the focus back on Justice League, with the launch of 'Justice League of America'. We want to make people realize that this is one of our key franchises, and we plan to build it out not just with the main 'Justice League' titles, but other books that tie into them as well.  . . . Given the title of the comic and the year in which we're announcing -- an election year -- we wanted to celebrate the country, as well as the various states."

 With that, comes the question of what are the 2 new spin off titles? Is it a Justice League of  Europe title? Nope. (Personally, I wish but *sigh*)

   What we are getting are a "Katana" solo title ... and a "Vibe" title. Yep. You are reading that correctly. A VIBE solo title.

    The new Katana title will be written by Ann Nocenti with art by Alex Sanchez. The popular character has been getting more press since her inclusion in the next Batman animated series Beware The Batman and the popular relaunch of the Birds of Prey book. Now, as both a member of the JLA and with her own solo book, 2013 may shape up to be Katana's year.

    The new Vibe book will focus on the once reviled JLA member, with a fresh start in the new 52, thanks to  Johns. The latino hero who can generate vibrations (*cough* Rictor possibly ripped off of him or vice versa*cough*) will get the limelight this time around as his solo book will be written by Andrew Kreisberg with arpt by Pete Woods. All three titles will connect with Justice League. All three titles are slated to debut This February. 

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