Thursday, November 8, 2012

Comic News: Cyclops RETURNS In New "UNCANNY X-MEN" for Marvel NOW

   Confirmed today by artist Chris Bachalo after last week's Uncanny teaser, Marvel NOW will be relaunching the Uncanny X-Men. Bachalo mentioned that while it was tough to jump from Wolverine & the X-Men to Uncanny X-Men, he described his decision in his personal blog as such:

"It's me an Bendis on a new launch of the series," Bachalo said. "This was a tough one as I was really enjoying my time on ['Wolverine and the X-Men'] but Brian asked for me to help him launch the new Uncanny and how do you turn down that offer?"

  The new image teases that Magneto and Magik (or Emma) are along with Cyclops for the ride. So yeah .... Cyclops is not planning on being a prisoner much longer and considering that many of the Marvel Now titles hinted that Magneto and Magik are wanted fugitives ... it is safe to assume that Scott will be breaking out of jail.

    The new Uncanny X-Men will be "a little darker" according to artist Bachalo as well as he redesigned the entire cast for the book. This will be a decidedly different Uncanny X-Men, keeping in route with the schism that had been put in place when the X-Men split a mere year ago. The new Uncanny X-Men will feature at least  2 "new" mutants and some of the former Phoenix Five will have altered abilities. So, Namor and  Emma may also be in this book as well.

Uncanny X-Men #1 (apart of Marvel NOW) written by Brian Michael Bendis and art by Chris Bachalo will hit stores this February.

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