Thursday, November 8, 2012

Comic News: Marvel NOW Gets Femme Fatales in FEARLESS DEFENDERS

 As revealed today after a week of teasing from Marvel, Cullen Bunn will be joined by artist Will Sliney to be the creative force behind the new, all female Fearless Defenders. The new book will feature Valkyrie and Misty Knight as leads as Val picks up her mission to create a new Valkyrior ... but for Midgard (Earth), not Asgard, as assigned by the All-Mother at the end of The Fearless maxi-series.

   Fearless Defenders will start with the unlikely duo of Valkyrie coming together with martial arts expert and former Hero For Hire Misty Knight. The two coming from very different worlds will form the core of the new team, according to writer Cullen Bunn in his interview on from Ben Morse.

Cullen Bunn stated to

There will definitely be other characters joining the team. In the end, the Valkyrior will consist of eight team members. But this is not a book where we see the entire team, fully formed, on a splash page in the first issue. Rather, a big part of the story will be seeing the team come together logically. We’ll take our time getting there, but some characters will be fairly well known, some will be lesser cult favorites, and some will be introduced for the first time in this book.
In the meantime, though, there will be many guest stars appearing in the series.
In the end, this is Valkyrie’s dream team, and her vision sets the tone for the entire story—making it come true, seeing it sometimes fail, and learning to adapt when changes need to be made

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   There will be 8 Valkyrior in all but not all of them will come right away as the journey to form this team will be one of the driving forces of the book as it starts. Val and Mistry will also be treated with a semi-rotating cast of characters as they work on forming this new team. No other team members have been announced yet but here are some of the most likely suspects to either join or at least appear in this all new , all female incarnation of the Defenders:

Black Cat - She was a recent Defender and her luck powers and attitude would make a great fit for this team. Plus, she's already worked with Misty before in a short lived incarnation of Heroes For Hire that started during Civil War.

Red She-Hulk: She may be in BIG trouble but she was also a recent Defender. She's got strength and brains, like her ex-hubby Bruce. And she has a very big appetite for adventure. Plus, a Hulk on a team may be the best idea.

Clea - Once a student and even lover of Stephen Strange, Clea is a powerful sorceress that may .. . or may not be a key member in this incarnation of the Defenders.

Satana - Fresh from her stint with the Thunderbolts, if they don't have Clea, she'd make a great member. She 'd also bring a lot of trouble to the team: being the Daughter of Satan and all.

Dani Moonstar - She's the most obvious answer. Plus the most interesting. She's been a Valkyrie before. She's worked with Brunhilde several times in the past. With New Mutants now over, Dani does not have a place to call home. She's a former SHIELD Agent. A great marks man. Powers or not, Dani's a great tracker and leader and could really turn into the 3rd piece of this new Defenders (with Val as the body and Misty as the Brains)

Fearless Defenders #1, written by Cullen Bunn and art by Will Sliney will debut this February.

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