Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cosplay Hottie of the Month: November 2012

Hello to all you InfiKnights with Turkey day right around the corner I know you all have cravings and I'm not just talking about Grandma's stuffing. so here goes what you really want this months Cosplay Hottie Caroline Knight  What are your favorite geek vices of choice?- I guess for me it would have to be collecting merchandise from The Dark Knight series, (mainly The Joker :D), Playing video games on Xbox 360 or PS3. What kind of games? There's too many that I could list *laughs*, and Reading comic books/manga.
 What got you into anime/comics etc?- It started when I was in 7th grade where I would see these commercials on cartoon network advertising new anime (back then: Rurouni Kenshin, and Yu Yu Hakusho) and decided to watch an episode to see what it was about and I got hooked to the anime series right away and anticipate for the next episode then.
 What got you into cosplay?- My first time cosplaying was back in 2009 at the 1st Annual Long Beach Comic Con and I cosplayed mainly for fan devotion of my favorite characters. Before that, I was always seeing Comic-Con photos of people dressed up, so I also figured that you had to dress up for a comic convention as your favorite character even though no one had too.

 What are some of your favorite anime/games?-So far, I would have to say that Skyrim, Castlevania Lords of Shadow, and Batman Arkham Asylum are my favorite video games. I remember playing on Skyrim for 5 hour straight since you get the feeling of being wrapped up in that game world! 

What are your favorite foods?-Udon, Crunch Roll, and anything that tastes sweet.

What is the best part of cosplaying?- Having fun, not cosplaying to please others, but only yourself and expressing your fan devotion to the character that you cosplay as.

And that's this months cosplay hottie the lovely Caroline Knight Keep your eyes open at cons for her I know I will :-) 

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