Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rolling Review: Ultra-Act Ultraman Tiga Powered Form

This figure is Tiga's other side form, that allows him to grow increasing stronger along with making his elemental energy equal that of the sun. His articulation is the same as the other Tiga molds, and seems to have the quality control issues. The issues are excessively loose joints and tight shoulders, along with that his hand pegs are shorter that than Multi-Type and Sky Type. Powered Type also comes with 6 pairs of editional hands, the color timer, and three blast effects; Delacium Light Stream, Zepelion Beam, Zepelion Ball. Overall I'd get reissues of the Tiga if they were to use now "perfected" body molds that cost almost 8000yen on second-hand market....Ironically thou that may only pretain to the Showa Ultras thou.

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