Friday, November 30, 2012

In Response to : How Would I do Kamen Rider

 Last Night, I came across this video of a friend of mine ... Okay, he's a friend of a friend but still.

 Interesting Little Challenge Huh?  But Yeah. The Challenge was set and has there been responses ... Um ... YEAH. Matt Burkett is very well known and admired (sometimes worshiped) by many in the Toku community when he was once Apollo Z. Hack.  So, there were DEFINITELY going to be reactions to this video. And We'd like to share some with you.

First up, another friend of a friend, toy review and internet personality, TJ Omega:

 Next up, we got Dannyboy:

 A response from BI's own Visible Ninja:

 So yeah ... with all those, here is my own response:

 (Oh yeah. My camera is MIA so ... no video response from me)

Great ideas & I like your choices. Personally, I'd like to see Ripley Scott direct an US Kamen Rider with Michael Jai White as the lead. Why him? Well, White has the martial arts, the acting range & a great sense action both in front & behind the camera. While I want to ground the movie in reality at first, I want to build up to the Showa Era lookin Monsters; possibly with a plot of a man who wanted to die & force him to live as Kamen Rider. Either that or possibly get the Robert Rodriguez and have him take some dangling plot lines from Kamen Rider Faiz & finish that story & give it a fresh start with some American Orphenochs and a brand new Rider (with Takumi appearing but not wearing the belt for fear of death) and use the move to close out that series and build a new hero all at once with an American Faiz.

And that is it for now. What do you think? Feel free to watch all the other videos from the responders and stay tuned her for more stuff. 

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