Friday, November 30, 2012

Comic Review: Comeback #1

Written by Ed Brisson
Art by Michael Walsh & Jordie Bellaire
Image Comics (Shadowline)


    We open to a man getting kidnapped and fall into a grand mystery. The kidnappers are partners Mark & Seth ... they work for a secret organization that were paid by the man's family to bring him to the future when he was supposed to be killed shortly after he was kidnapped. This organization gets paid to take people from the point they were supposed to die and start a new life with anew identity; even coming up with fake autopsy reports and all.

   We find a mysterious man taking a job that we THINK is for them. We have Seth feeling tired and haggard  And after we have a family who hired Mark & Seth to do a job end up missing we have ....


     Comeback has a tone of mystery and intrigue and Walsh displays that well.  There is a noir feel going with the story and art as Comeback gives the right atmosphere for the story. Walsh is about to give great emotion while still having fun with the sci fi aspects of the story. The style is simple and dark but still intricate enough to distinguish people and their emotions and fits.

    Jordie Bellaire's colors really help sell the atmosphere of the story as this sci-fi noir mystery continues it march. Scene colors match the tone of the scene. From the abduction being vivid and somewhat scary  to the dark underbelly of the way of time travel .... Bellaire really makes Walsh's art build upon the conspiracy and mysteries surrounding the story visually.

Overall all ... Walsh's art is good and solid but it is Bellaire that really helps sell it.


    Ed Brisson wrote a great piece here. We get a little action with a great, fast paced start. We slow down a little to get some meat. Then we get some more rising action. This was kind of shown like a first act of a movie or a miniseries that you'd see on tv. But it is good writing. Strong writing. Characters have an air of mystery but you want to know more about them. The plot is innovative as it is just taking reality and turning it up a bit instead of all out fantasy. Nothing last too  long. And the acts in the book are pretty well paced.

    Brisson knows he's got so much time and space and utilizes it well.


    Comeback is off to a great start for a 1st issue. It starts off strong and grips you right away and the plot keeps you coming back for more. Walsh and Bellaire are a good team together and really help give the story its noir/sci-fi feel. The story is definitely one to keep an eye on and I look forward to what we see and read next.

I give Comeback # 1 a 4 out of 5. I will come back for more.

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