Thursday, November 8, 2012

Marvel NOW 1st Impression: Deadpool #1



Written by Gerry Duggan & Brian Posehn
Art by Tony Moore
Colors by  Val Staples

Review by Broken Infinite EIC Himself, Frankie Rodriguez


       So yeah. Deadpool. Marvel's undead whore. Well, he's not undead but he kind of is. More or less, Daniel Way had closed out the run on the character and that Deadpool book ended. Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth ... who got that moniker cause he could not shut up ... REALLY, he can't. His own inner monologue is loud.

   He debut back in the early 90s in the penultimate issue of the first volume of New Mutants as well as the first Volume of X-Force and was a creation of Rob Liefield. After some time, the Merc with a Mouth struck a cord with people that he ended up with his own mini series. Then had more minis. Then his own ongoing ... three times ... one of them with Cable from the aforementioned X-Force.

  What we seem to get is that there is a weird balancing act between him being a deadly merc and his own brand of comedy. Oh ... Deadpool slept with  Banshee (aka Siryn aka Teresa Cassidy) on more than one occasion.  Why did I mention that? Cause it is a fun fact and it's freaking Deadpool.

  Anyway, on to the show.


    We start with a ... Satanic SHIELD agent raising a zombi-fied Harry S. Truman, one of the former Presidents of the United States, out of his grave. He said he did it to put this country back into shape. WHAT?

    You raise the dead cause you don't like the politicians of this era and you want the country to get better? How absurd. That's just . .. *thinks about it for a minute*

    Anyway, who should arrive but Captain America. Yep. Not Deadpool. But Cap.We find that SHIELD has intel that more than just Truman is out of his grave and they don't want the Avengers beating up Undead Presidents.

  Yes. I said that correctly. Beat  up zombi-fied dead presidents. We then see our star, cutting through the guts of a giant lizard monster ...

Oh my god.



*pauses & calms down*

     Anyway, after having a "secret" team up with Thor ... who is acting like they had a bad one night stand he never wants to have be known by the public (like the people you see in "Cheaters" or down low men), Deadpool is hired by SHIELD to quietly take down the former Presidents.

   Let me repeat that.  DEADPOOL ... is hired to take down zombi-fied presidents of the US . ..  QUIETLY.

  Well, this will not end well. After an interesting battle with FDR, Deadpool's chase leads him to Independence Hall and ....I'm not telling you the rest.


    Tony Moore brings his wonderful a game into this book. Deadpool looks really messed up ... like always but I think this time really highlights that Wade is a living zombie look with flesh on him that is healing ... all the time. Cap and thorn looked like the larger than life heroes they are. The areas were well drawn.
Val Staples' colors are really vivid but fit the moods and settings of the seen. Moore's pencils and inks are enhanced well by Staples' color work.

  Really, a great look book.


    Let me get this out of the way. I don't really read Deadpool much. The last two Deadpool issues I picked up were a part of Cable & Deadpool, written by Fabian Niceaza, and were tie ins to Civil War. So, this is out of my comfort zone. And I will say, I liked it but I didn't love it.

    Duggan and Posehn have great comedic timing and it shows with Wade and the Dead Presidents. Irony, puns and physical comedy all utilized well. But there are a couple issues I had with this first issue:

  As a jump on point it works but there feels to a disjointed feel to this issue. The serious scenes in this a few and while important, felt a bit shoehorned in. The book definitely has this tv pilot feel to it. It opens with a bang, we get the main character, we get into the new status quo and the plot of the story with it ending in a cliffhanger that is perfect for taking a commercial break.

  And while that is good, this is still comic book and there felt like the disjointed scenes mixed with some odd choices for gags (THERE IS NO EXCUSE EVER TO JUSTIFY US SEEING DEADPOOL'S ASS! SERIOUSLY! READERS DO NOT NEED TO SEE WADE'S FLESH TORN & SCARRED ASS! EWWWWWW) So the tv style set up kinda of worked for it and worked against it too.


    The book is fun. The book is insane. The plot is interesting yet crazy enough that it feels the comedic side of Deadpool. But what irks me is that while I understood the politics of choosing Deadpool, I am not sure as to why they are having Deadpool do it ALONE. That just seems to make less sense. Sure he's got SHIELD agents going with him but I still think that this was odd that Deadpool was their only heavy hitter on the job.

 Moore and Staples make a great art team. It is great to look at. And everyone looks distinct . You can't mix up characters here and it is a more unique style.

   Writing wise, it seems that there seems to be lack of balance still between Deadpool's deadly Merc Persona and his comedic rantings. Still, Duggan and Poshen make this an enjoyable read. Yet, it does not make me go "OH MY GOD! I NEED THE NEXT ISSUE."

I give Deadpool #1 a 3 out of 5. A Decent start to what could be a good storyline but ... still on the fence about getting next issue and my other points. Still, a fun read.

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