Thursday, November 22, 2012

SHF Exclusives for April and May

The official Tamashii site has posted the exclusives Figuarts of April and May so lets get this started.

First off we get Momotaros' evil counterpart Negataros.  With this the only main Imagin that is missing is still Teddy.  Also since Negataros has been announced its most likely that Nega form will be announced as well. He is priced at 3675 yen and will be released in April.

Next we got the movie version of Rock Bison from Tiger and Bunny.  I dont know much about this character and I can't really tell what the design changes are from the original release but I will leave the Tiger and Bunny fans to see the difference.  He will also be released in April priced at 5040 yen.

The last exclusive in April is the Saiyan Armor version of Vegeta.  This version of him was seen during the Saiyan saga so if you wanted to wait for his original design you can finally get him.  He will come with several accessories such as alternate faces, a scouter, additional hands, crossed arms, and tail parts. He is priced at 3990 yen so Dragonball fans get ready for his release.

Now moving on to the May Releases we finally get Deka Pink and Deka Yellow so those who want a complete team of Dekarangers its almost finished. They are priced are both priced at 3780 yen.

The last exclusive for now is actually something interesting.  For those who remember there was an exclusive effect set for Fourze that was released at Tamashii Nations earlier this month.  Well now it looks like Bandai will continue the effect sets for Wizard as well.  This set will contain parts that will allow you to pose Wizard as he is about summon his Wizard Gun or attacking with Flame Style and Water Style.  In addition it will contain flame attack parts for his flame kick as well as the Plamonsters?   Lastly it will come with the Big hand effect part which is going to be really massive. The price for this set is going to be 3360 yen.   Original post via TokuAnimeNews.

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