Thursday, November 15, 2012

Superior Defender Gundam Force Pt. I

So that guy here on the Broken Infinite who knows nothing about Gundam told me to join him in knowing nothing about Gundam, so I will! Today, I'll be covering Superior Defender Gundam Force the series that several hate and under estimate. Just unlike all you haters from the hood, I'll be trying to actually praise it for things it did right and give it the light it deserves. Since SD Gundam Force, has almost 52 episodes and techinically two parts, I'm breaking the show in half like how showed airred for this article.

Here in America SD Gundam Force, began on Toonami only to move Miguzi where it endded after playing the first 26-episodes. Upon it's cancellation, it left the fans on a cliffhanger only to be forced to buy the remainder of the series on DVD. Our show begins in the futuristic city called Neotopia, where people and robots coexist, until the Dark-Axis arrives threatening the citizens and robots. As a result, Neotopia secret formed a defense group called Super Dimenisonal Guard and during their first battle with the Dark Axis, a boy named Shute is involved. Shute meets the SDG's operative Captain Gundam, who becomes friends with the boy and in return their friendship strenghtens his Soul Drive. Shortly after they're joined by other dimenisons' Gundams; Zero from Lacroa and Bakunetsumaru from Ark, becoming the Gundam Force. Together they battle the forces of the Dark Axis, while encountering the enemies from the other dimenisons and preventing an entire invasion of Neotopia. The end result leading to Captain Gundam battling the Commander Sazabi in a battle to the death, only to discover they're now able to save the other dimenisons!

When the show began originally on Toonami, I believed this to be crap like most still do as of today but over time it grew on me. I actually enjoyed the show for the story, plot and comedic relief thrown all in together. The graphics seemed crappy and poorly made, but over time as the series progressed several errors either began to vanish or remained pending on how visible they were. As for the plot and story, it didn't seem to truly drag, or have honestly any real filler gumming up the works. Along with the way they introduced each of the later main or supporting characters like Zero, Bakunetsumaru or the guys like Gunbike to Gundiver; each introduction had a purpose in the first half of the series. I personally do like how everyone is introduced, I really was able to connect to the involvement each had to contribute too. When people do ask why I like the series, it's because I enjoyed the designs of the SD Gundams and felt that this kiddy verison that could connect tots to the amazing genera of Mechas. I don't believe it should honestly be hated by adults, for the fact it wasn't made for adults but for a new generation rising into the community. So enjoy it for what it was trying to do, by being an homage to older fans and bring in the youth of a new generation.

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