Thursday, November 15, 2012

Welcome to Shinjuku Station Podcasting!

'Sup, gang! My name's "Soul Bro Ryu" - co-host & producer of several different podcasts for Shinjuku Station Podcasting. I was recently invited on-board as a contributor for the "The Broken Infinite" and I wanted to introduce myself properly here at this great website.

I've been creating media for the internet for over 10 years now, starting with fanfics, then moving on to Anime Music Videos in 2003, and finally breaking into podcasting in 2006 with our group's initial podcast "Flip the Script!" - a roundtable discussion show about anything and everything. Our second & longest running podcast kicked off in October 2007 focuses on a subject that came up a lot on FTS - mecha anime. Called "Gundamn! @ MAHQ", we not only regularly discuss the expansive "Mobile Suit Gundam" but various other mecha anime series, no matter how old, new, obscure or well-known. "Gundamn!" started off as in independent venture between myself and co-host "Neo Lorrnoke" but we were joined my mecha anime  connoisseur & webmaster of the "Mecha and Anime Headquarters" (, Chris Guanche in Episode 4, working together on the podcast for over 100 episodes now!

Shinjuku Station produces several other podcasts as well. "Flip the Script!" - after being defunct for several years - has just been resurrected as we just started the "Shinjuku Sh!ttalker Sessions"! We also have a podcast dedicated to fighting games that the community behind them called "Fighters Ready!" which is hosted by "Nick the Stampede" & myself. Our love for fighting games can also be seen in our recorded sessions that we host on our YouTube Channels - "Fighters Ready!" & "Shinjuku Station Fight Tube"!

As this year closes, we have plans for new content & projects in 2013! In the meantime, check us out and keep an eye on what were producing here and at the links below!

Main Websites:


YouTube Channels:
- Shinjuku Station
- Nightrunner Productions (Anime Music Videos by Soul Bro Ryu)

Live Stream:



- ShinjukuStationEnt(remove)
- GundamnMAHQ(remove)

Many thanks to Frankie Rodriguez for inviting me to be a contributor for The Broken Infinite and I'm excited for what the future holds working & interacting with the folks here!

"Soul Bro Ryu" (A. Max Russell)

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