Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tamashii Nations Fall 2012: Ultra-Acts

Coming in quite late is the Ultra-Act news from the recent Tamashii Nations. Here we got a whole lot of Showa based Ultras, with some modern day Ultras. More or less they sent us a huge platter to deal with that shock and awe any Ultra-fan. Now let's get this show on the god damn road!

All the way from the original series we finally get to see the Alien Kaiju known as Zetton along with the 2 verisons of Hayata that have or have not been made as of yet.

That was also followed up by the crucification scene from Ultraman Ace, deplicting that we'll have a chance to possibly get Robo Ace and Ace Killer as Ultra-Acts. I do sort of wish that they'll also release the crosses as a stand set thou.

Along with display the deaths of the Ultra-Brothers we get to see more of the Family of Ultra, as Taro was shown along side his parents; Father of Ultra and Mother of Ultra. While Ultraman Jack got pimp out the Ultra-Mantel some more.

Then we obscurely get three random Ultra-Acts thrown at us along with another amazing figure needed to be added to the growing Gridman line. First up Alien Babalu from Ultraman Leo, looking ever so narcissisticly. Followed up by Ultaman Jonias that random Ultraman from the Cartoon/Anime and the great Ultra from America, Ultraman Powered!

And here's that latest one for the Gridman line: Electric God Zenon/Xenon

Then from the modern era, shown along the newest upcoming Ultra-Act Nexus we see the Dark Ultra Zagi and Ultraman Noa from well Ultraman Nexus!

And to finally end it all: All the way from Ultraman Retsudan, Zero stops by trolling us all with his New Verison Ultra-Act and Two New Forms!!! We also can tell it's a new verison cause it has a cape-like cloak and bitches love capes!

Zero: Strong Corona

Zero: Luna Miracle

My final thoughts on all these promos for all these upcoming Ultra-Acts is none other than a TAN favorite quote: #WalletKillers!! And as Dwayne "the Rock" Johson would say it "WalletKillers is now trending, Worldwide!" (Originally posted on

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