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Tamashii Nations: Robot Damashii, Gunpla and Armor Girls

So at Tamashii Features Robot Damashii fans were treated like royalty with some possible (And since it's robot damashii and not gundam models extremely likely) and extremely likely release announcements. Starting with Gundam's since it's my namesake...

We have our look at the Gundam MK.V, the Droven Wolf Silver Bullet and the Droven Wolf

I'm really liking the look of the MK.V and will likely get it since a model is more than likely never coming.

Anyway next up on the list, it's more of a foreshadowing  but it's obviously we're going to be getting a Robot Damashii of the Kshatriya from Gundam Unicorn.

I personally might get it, but I already have the HG of it so I'm not sure yet.

Next up, more love for UC fan's specially those who've been wanting more from this series sides a GFF, we have the Robot Damashii Xi Gundam rolling out

I'm without a doubt excited for this one since we haven't even gotten a model for it, and will without a doubt be getting it.

Now going into gundam models real quick, we have a strange type of gundam model shown called Chogokin Model, which seems to be an all metal RX-78 or something along those lines:

Will I get it? If it's a true model kit getting released... possibly.

Next up we're moving out of the Universal Century and into the After Colony era with some Wing Robot Damashii and an AGP. Starting with the Damashii we have the Robot Damashii of the Aeries, both the standard OZ version and Lucrezia Noin's

Never personally been a fan of the earlier Oz MS's, but I might get Noin's custom one... not sure yet.

What I am sure of is I'll be getting this:

The Armor Girl Project Wing Zero Custom. Originally I thought it was just a pallet changed version of the earlier Wing Gundam, upon further inspection there are some aesthetic changes to the girl herself so I'll without a doubt get it.

Speaking of the Wing Gundam Girl

We have better pictures of the AGP Wing Gundam Code: 淡雪 (I don't actually know the translation of the Japanese, I think it's Awayuki with mean's snowfall... but Google translate isn't 100% reliable).

Anyway Quickly moving into the realm of Video Games and non century suits... we have the Robot Damashii Extreme Gundam Type Leo

Looking Badass as allways, I'll definitely be picking this figure up since his model kit counterpart was an online exclusive.

Now for all you After War lovers out there, we have the Gundam Double X with G-Falcon attachment that was announced as well

Hot damn does that thing look BEAST!! I'll be picking this guy up since it doesn't seem bandai has any intentions of giving us a HG or even a MG of him any time soon.

And to finish up with the Gundam's, we go to the Cosmic Era with the Testament Gundam

Another Badass looking figure, I will certainly pick him up since I doubt he'll EVER get Model Kit treatment.

Oh but yeah, I said that's it for Gundam, but there is Much MUCH more, I didn't title this Mecha Madness for nothing.

Moving into the realm of Knightmares, to go along with those Lancelot's that's coming out we have the Gurren MK-II finally in robot damashii form

How I've been Pining to get a Gurren in figure form for a while that doesn't make my wallet cry and since the Inaction Off-Shoots weren't up to snuff for me, this Damashii will be a great addition when it comes out.

Moving into the realm of Boukoku no Agito, we have the RPI-11 Glosgow 

Eh it's a Glosgow, and while their designs are unique... i'll probably skip it.

Now into a realm of Code Geass most who aren't die hard fan's would not know about, coming form the Sobo no Oz manga we have the Red Gekka

To be fair, I myself don't know much about this, the forum I got the picture from misinterpreted it as the Gurren MK-I, which it is not.

Also coming from Sobo no Oz we have the Agravain:

Developed from the Gawain, this thing just looks awesome. 

Another Knightmare from Sobo no Oz, we have the brother unit of the Guren, the Byakuen:

So instead of having a Radiation Wave buster on the right arm, it has a 7-in-1 weapon unit... works for me!

And last but not least, again from Sobo no Oz... we can't ahve a Guren (Kinda) without a Lancelot, so here we have the Lancelot Grail:

So we go from a White Knight... to a Red one... I see what you did there bandai!

That's about all the Robot Damashii and mecha stuff that I could find coming out of Tamashii Nations... stay tuned for more information on these figures for their release dates and prices people!

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