Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Lost Review of Super Fighting Robot Week: Snakeman

Okay so in the last video I said it was the last robot master well I also had one more robot master but I didnt have the missile until now.

Sorry for the long hiatus.  I have been busy the last week or so and then I got a cold which didnt help.  Today I do feel a lot better so I decided to finally bring out the "Lost Review of Super Fighting Robot Week."  The only reason I say the lost review is because the robot master I reviewed didn't have the missile at the time.  Now that I do I can finally give you a review of the robot master Snakeman.  Snakeman was the most seen robot master besides the main trio and he is a pretty cool robot master as well.  He had a stereotypical snake like rasp but at least he wasn't that annoying overall.  The figure itself though has a slight stability issue because of the heavy weight of his snake hair piece causing him to topple over.  The snake missile is actually one of the best looking missile design and it really helps the figure look even better then it does. 

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