Thursday, November 15, 2012

Yugioh Card of the Week: 11/15/12

Its that time again and lets get this rolling. In this next installment of the Yugioh Card of the Week we will be moving away from the first season and go to Duel Academy.  For those who don't know Duel Academy revolves around the second anime series Yu-gi-oh GX.  Anyways the card I have chosen for this week is the Spell Card Philosopher's Stone- Sabatiel. No I am not talking about Full Metal Alchemist but what I am talking about is the card that Jaden used against Kagemaru.  This card's effect allows players to add a card from their deck when a winged kuriboh is sent to the graveyard and then its sent back to the hand. The drawback though is that you must pay half of your life points per usage however after you use the card three times another effect triggers.  What happens on the fourth time of activation is that you will be able to select one of your face up monsters and it will gain atk points multiplied by the number of your opponent's monsters so the life point cost is worth the cost.  This card has yet to be released in the TCG or the OCG although I think it may have a chance with some minor tweaking.

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