Thursday, December 13, 2012

2013 Calendar by xaos

At the Broken Infinite I'd like to bring to your attention that xaos (er... that's myself) has created a calendar for you guys to hang on your wall for the new year.

Now there's a couple of ways to get your hands on this, and also a couple of options concerning this.

First you can buy a physical calendar from deviantart by clicking on the above picture and clicking on art gift. The calendar is 25 dollars printed by them. But they do a great job on it. (Plus, I can't change the price unless I'm a premium member)

Another thing worth checking out is the gallery, you can look at the individual months and if only one or two months strike your fancy you can get those as a print individually, that also includes the covers. Now those can be much cheaper depending on what kind of print you choose they can range from a postcard size that's like only a dollar or to a big poster size that's, well... more than a dollar.

Finally, if you'd like to print it yourself and don't want to spend 25 dollars, you can donate to paypal, a minimum of 5 dollars will get you a PDF emailed directly to you that is print quality.

Make sure to drop a line to if you don't receive your PDF withing 2 days. I always want to make sure that you get what you paid for. If you donate 10 dollars I'll give some extra art, actually I'll make it of whatever you like (as long as it's not porn, ecchi is ok). Donate right here: and let me know of any problems you have or if you just happen to really like it.

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