Sunday, December 9, 2012

Card News: The CF Vanguard World Champion Is ...

From L to R: 3rd  Fernau, World Champ Smith, 2nd Suharto & 4th Sok 

The Cardfight Vanguard World Championships are over. It was an intense battle. With the final 4 chosen, they fought for supremacy in the Tokyo Dome in Japan. Now, the battles are over for this year. And we have a World Champion .. .

BRANDON SMITH, the North American Champion, won it all as he beat Indonesian Champion Henry Suharto for the right to be crowned the 2012 CFV World Champion.
The top 2 players were running variations of the Gold Paladin decks ... with Henry running a Pellinore/Garmore build while Smith ran an  Spectral Duke Dragon build.

/The top 3 players under him were 2nd place winner Henry along with Christopher Fernau from Germany who ran a Gold Paladin deck with a Ezel/Garmore build while 4th place Christopher Sok who ran Narukami deck.

The 4 were part of the top 16 people who made it to the world championships. They used ONLY English released cards: which is considered the main reason why there were so many Gold Paladin decks. Yet, with the upcoming 2 boosters, one coming out later this month and the other in February; there is a strong chance that there will be much more variety in terms of deck types and builds come next  year.

Congrats again to Brandon Smith for winning the World Championship as well as all the other participants.

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