Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Casting Call, we need voice actors for radio play

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Myself and Seraph work on the podcast Morphin Bracers and we make radio drama skits for it. With how much more work and how much bigger (and how popular) these skits are we decided to make a separate show that is just the radio drama. We have some major roles of female characters that need to be filled. One of those roles is none other than Haman Khan. There’s also characters from Sentai and anime like Magic Knight Rayearth that we need. Think of what we’re working on as Super Robot Wars except it’s mot limited to mecha anime, heck it’s not even limited to anime and tokusatsu, we have roles for western animations like Avatar the need filled as well.
We also have a fighting radio drama we’re working on that is it’s own thing, this is still in planning but we need roles for that as well. We have plenty of male voices and we’re not adverse to adding more male voices but we are in need of female voice actors.
If you want to listen to the kind of stuff we do, you can hear the latest skit we did which was at the beginning of Morphin Bracers 25 http://thebrokeninfinite.blogspot.com/2012/11/podcasts-morphin-bracers-episode-25.html
If you’re interested in spreading your name or gaining experience by working with us then shoot me an email witha voice clip or with your skype information (skype will be required) to TrueIkariWarriors@gmail.com

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